Our Favourite Locally Made Nut Butter Brands

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Here at Green Queen Headquarters, we are just nuts for nut butters (sorry!) and put it in/on everything from smoothies to cake batter to toast. We have waxed on regarding these healthy snacks, spreads and dips and are tickled pink that there are so many great local options made right here in Hong Kong. Below we roundup some of our favorite nut butter artisans.


The folks at Chemsi take pains to source the very best almonds available in order to create their lightly roasted almond butters in four delicious flavors: Cinnamon & Maple, Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt and of course Plain, all for HKD 79. Their regular almond butter’s label could not be cleaner: it’s just 100% almonds. They can be purchased via their e-shop.


The Nutter Company

As the name implies, The Nutter Company specializes in nut butters. In addition to classic single flavours like peanut, cashew and almond (made from California almonds) butters they also have some fun flavours like White Chocolate & Coconut and ABC; a combo of almond, brazil nut and cashew butters. Yum. Their butters are made with roasted nuts and contain no added sugars or oils. Their prices run from HKD 68 for peanut butter to HKD 118 for cashew/almond butter. Purchase online on their e-shop.


Local raw vegan and allergen-free artisan food-maker Foodcraft brings us a delicious Raw Almond Butter in two versions: a sprouted version, HKD 248, made with whole, skin-on almonds and an un-sprouted blanc version, HKD 198, made with skinned almonds. Both involve stone-grinding organic Sicilian almonds. They also offer a creamy raw organic stone ground coconut butter for HK 89. Find them all on their e-shop.


Nutty Buddy Nut Butters

Nutty Buddy Nut Butters makes wholesome, dry roasted nut butters. For the almond lovers, there is the Coconut Almond Butter, HKD 140, made with unsweetened coconut and raw organic coconut sugar, as well as their Sea Salt Almond Butter made with raw organic coconut sugar and pink Himalayan salt. Craving cashews? Try the Vanilla Cashew Butter made with organic vanilla and raw organic coconut sugar. Currently you  can buy them online or you can find them at Green Common and Be-Juiced, but check their stockist list here for updates.


Anything But Salads

December 2016 Update: Anything But Salads has closed down. 

Anything But Salads may have just re-launched their popular raw vegan cafe,  but their tried-and-true products have not changed. This includes their Sprouted Almond Butter, made with nothing but raw organic sprouted almonds. One for purists, the nuts are then stone-ground until the butter consistency is reached.


SpiceBox Organics

Neighborhood organic grocery shop SpiceBox Organics, which just opened its third store in Kennedy Town,  offers a homemade Toasted Almond Butter and Toasted Cashew Butter, both HKD 148, made with 100% organic ingredients. Their butters are available in their shops and their almond butter is available via their e-shop.

Image Credits: Chemsi, (Lead Photo),  The Nutter Company,  Foodcraft,  Nutty Buddy Nut Butters,  Anything But Salads and SpiceBox Organics.


  • Sonalie Figueiras

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