Czech This Out: Top 3 Restaurants for Raw Vegan Foodies in Prague

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It may not be the first city that comes to mind when thinking about raw food, but the movement is actually quite vibrant in Prague. Adaline Lau of Doufu Mafia travelled there for the first time and found a bevvy of delicious eateries. Apart from being blown away by the beautiful architecture and scenery in Prague, plant-based eaters will be pleased to know that it’s quite easy to get raw vegetarian food in the city. She shares her top three recommendations below.

Secret of Raw

secret of raw

This raw food café is located along the main road of Seifertova in the Praha 3 district. It serves a variety of raw soups, starters, salads, and desserts with main courses ranging from raw burgers, pancakes, pizza, spaghetti, pad thai noodles and even sushi.

secret of raw 2

To begin with, we ordered the sun-dried tomatoe roll filled with veggies and cream. The dehydrated sun-dried tomato cracker was rich in flavour thanks to the addition of black sesame seeds and Italian spices. The refreshing cucumber and carrot cubes mixed in creamy cashew sauce were an ideal compliment.

secret of raw 3

My favourite dish was the Mexican city salad with chilli sauce and raw tacos. As a massive avocado fan, I was delighted by their generous serving. The nutty brown crusty topping, made using crushed walnuts and almonds, was addictive, and the Thousand Island sauce gave a zesty zing to the salad. So delicious!

Secret of Raw,  Seifertova 13, 130 00 Praha 3, Prague, Czech Republic

Read Adaline’s full Secret of Raw review here. 


raw cha

Rawcha is a hip raw food café located near an alley about a ten minute walk from the Palladium shopping center in the heart of Prague that bills itself as a raw food and tea bistro.

raw cha 2

I was excited to try the Mediterranean inspired Arabian style falafel with Israeli salad and tahini. The raw falafel was surprisingly good – the combination of its earthiness with some crunchy radish was nomtastic!

raw cha 3

My host Marika ordered the raw sushi. It was nutty in flavour, filled with cashews, pecans, sunflower seeds, and carrots. The sushi also scored points for using diced sweet peppers and spring onions to add bright colors to the plate.

raw cha 4

Dessert is always the highlight of a raw meal for me. We ordered the raw green tea cake and were delighted to discover that Rawcha even had raw durian cake in the menu! Pretty exotic for Prague. Needless to say, the slice was devoured in seconds.

Rawcha,  Na porici 8, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

Maitrea Vegetarian


Maitrea Vegetarian restaurant is located a ten minute walk from Prague’s Old Town Square in a hidden corner street.

maitrea 2

The restaurant doesn’t offer a full raw menu but has many raw and vegan options. We had a raw spinach soup that tasted rich and wholesome.

maitrea 3

The warm spinach omelette stuffed with baked eggplant and herbs was not raw but so delicious it is worth a mention. The whisked eggs blended with sun-dried tomato pesto gave our palates a flavorful kick.

maitrea 4

We ended our meal with a moreish raw chocolate cake dessert garnished with a strawberry, some mint leaves, and a fig based sauce.

Maitrea,  Týnská ulička (not ulice) 6, Praha 1, Czech Republic



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