Healthy Food Trailblazer Daily Harvest Launches New Harvest Bakes Ready-Meal Line

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Following a successful launch in 2016, US-based Daily Harvest is expanding its range of convenient healthy meal deliveries again. The subscription-based service allows consumers to select plant-based dishes which are delivered to their door, ready to heat and eat. The latest Harvest Bakes range is inspired by globally popular meals and claims to bring gourmet cooking into the home.

Four products form the basis for the Harvest Bakes launch. Daily Harvest has reported that its team of chefs and nutritionists worked together to create balanced meals. Each option is high in protein and fibre. The company notes that the meals are suitable for a single portion or as a shared side dish.

Harvest Bakes is Daily harvest's new line.
Image courtesy of Daily Harvest.

Cooking without borders

The Harvest Bakes include a Cuban ropa vieja, chickpea curry, artichoke olio, and wild rice gratin. They are the latest collection to be added to the roster of meals designed to help people eat more whole foods, easily. Each mal can be simply heated through and served. Daily Harvest has sought to set itself apart from other subscription food delivery services by being climate-focused. 

Existing meal options include various choices for meals from breakfast to dinner. Everything is crafted from organic whole fruit and vegetables. Consumers can choose from weekly or monthly plans. Autonomy over box deliveries is maintained with an option to edit meals. Subscriptions can be paused or skipped.

“While the world continues to feel uncertain, we’re focused on helping customers take care of themselves with good food built on real fruits and vegetables,” Rachel Drori, founder and CEO of Daily Harvest said in a statement. “With our new collection, we’re delivering the soul-satisfying dishes consumers crave in one easy step. And unlike many convenient options out there, our food never includes harmful, hyper-processed and ultra-refined junk.”

All crops used within the Daily harvest ranges are synthetic additive-free and considered to be farm-to-fork compliant. This is not the norm for the $160 billion ready-meal market.

Harvest bakes meals are available to add to subscriptions now. Each meal costs $11.99.

Image courtesy of Veestro.

Plant-based convenience on the rise

Daily Harvest is not alone in seeking to make plant-based eating easier for U.S. consumers. In recent years, the vegan-friendly delivered meal plan sector has experienced tangible growth. A variety of meal kits and ready-meal options are now available and tailored to meet the needs of increasingly niche customers.

Veestro has sight to service the vegan, gluten-free crowd with little time to spend in the kitchen. Its meals come frozen, made with organic ingredients. More than 50 meals are available to choose from and meal plans that target specific lifestyle goals can be signed up to. Global cuisines are represented and no prep is needed. The company claims every meal has been developed to have excellent nutrition, despite the ease of cooking.

For non-GMO eaters that are trying to be health-conscious, Splendid Spoon offers an array of considered low-sugar smoothies, soups, complete bowls, and desserts. Everything is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. The ordering platform has been designed to give consumers more control over their delivered meals. Individual ingredients can be filtered out, to be avoided and meal frequency can be adapted. There is no minimum meals-per-day requirement.

Lead image courtesy of Daily Harvest.


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