Deliveroo Launches a ‘Friends’ Inspired Vegan Sandwich for the Return to Office Work

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If the “Friends” reunion—aka Botox-fest—left you feeling a little famished for something real, Deliveroo has just the thing: a vegan version of the “My Sandwich,” from season 5, episode 9: “The One with Ross’ sandwich.”

In the episode, Ross (David Schwimmer) is obsessed with a sandwich dubbed “The Moist Maker,” made with leftover Thanksgiving turkey from his sister Monica (Courteney Cox), who is a chef on the show. Ross takes the leftover sandwich to work, where a co-worker finds it in the staff refrigerator and eats most of it, throwing some of it out. Ross loses his cool. It’ll be another year before he can have the sandwich again.

Ross loves the sandwich because of the gravy-soaked “extra” slice of bread in the middle, he says. And Deliveroo says it has replicated the sandwich with a vegan version that would make Ross—and his co-worker—ask for seconds.

Source: Deliveroo

The sandwich

The sandwich is made with layers of vegan turkey, egg-free mayo, and a plant-based gravy-drenched middle layer of bread.

While it’s not Thanksgiving season, Deliveroo said it made the sandwich for people returning to office work as COVID restrictions ease.

“Those heading back to the office will be able to get their hands on a sandwich that’s good enough to steal as we’ve recreated an office sandwich so famously delicious, colleagues will be reaching into the communal fridge to swipe it,” Deliveroo spokesperson Aisha Jefferson, said in a statement.

“But fear not, thanks to a special post-it note on every item saying “MY SANDWICH!!”, work mates won’t go near it. Available to order in London, Manchester or Brighton, one of our riders will deliver it fresh to your office door or at home for just £1. Such a steal.”

Source: Burger King UK

Vegan BK Royales x Deliveroo

Deliveroo also just announced a partnership with fast-food giant Burger King, offering its customers a free vegan BK Royale to support Meat Free Mondays.

The vegan sandwich launched in the UK last April as part of the burger chain’s efforts to meet the demand for flexitarian and vegan options. The move comes as the Burger King UK’s CEO Alasdair Murdoch said the restaurant chain’s menu will be 50 percent vegan by 2030.

Deliveroo has seen demand spike for vegan options recently. In January it said vegan orders spiked 163 percent for the vegan month-long campaign Veganuary.

“We’re continuing to see a massive increase in demand from our customers for Vegan dishes. So, many of our restaurant partners have created exciting new dishes to kick-off Veganuary 2021,” Elena Devis, Vegan Category Specialist at Deliveroo, said in a statement.

“Vegan and plant-based food is a growth area we are really excited by at Deliveroo.”

Lead image courtesy of Friends.


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