Green Queen Christmas Gift Guide 2018: The 10 Best Low-Waste, Conscious & Ethical Presents

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It’s all about conscious consumption and low-waste giving this year at Green Queen headquarters. We are practicing what we preach and insisting on a holiday season that’s as plastic-free and sustainable as possible, and that means being extra-careful with our gift choices. In case you weren’t aware, much of what’s on displays in malls across town is made in this town in China under the most deplorable conditions. The ideal zero waste Christmas would involve no consumption at all but we know that’s not realistic. So instead, we have compiled a list of the most low-waste, ethical, conscious presents in town. So go on, be a #GiftActivist: give a present that initiates social and environmental change! 

Green Queen x Live Zero Limited Edition Zero Waste Christmas Hamper

For the low-waste addict 

This beautiful hamper is actually a bamboo steamer traditionally used for dim sum and it’s made by hand by the last bamboo steamer artisan in Hong Kong! It’s packed with everything you need to embark on a plastic-free life including a metal straw, a solid shampoo bar, a Stasher bag, a bamboo toothbrush, produce bags and more. It also features a surprise Hong Kong themed Christmas ornament by the Lion Rock Press- a festive keepsake to pass down to your kids. Everything has been carefully sourced by Green Queen and Live Zero and chosen to make zero waste living as easy and stress-free as possible.

Green Queen Eco Cred: Well, we created this hamper for the express purpose of helping make Christmas as low-waste and plastic-free as possible so it’s as Green Queen friendly as it gets with locally made products, toxin-free beauty products and 100% reusable products.

Zero Waste Hamper, HKD 790+, order online

SORA Sustainable Yoga Towel

For the wellness addict

With a commitment to sustainability at the forefront of the brand, each of Sora’s multipurpose yoga towels are made from at least 8 recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.These environmentally friendly yoga towels are also incredibly versatile because of their lightweight and absorbent fabric- they can replace your go to beach towel for lounging on the beach or your favorite sarong. Apart from being ingeniously sustainable, the towels are available in a stylish range of original botanical prints and classic muted colors.

Green Queen Eco Cred: We are all about supporting products that rethink waste like these towels made from upcylced post-consumer plastic bottles.

SORA Towel, US$ 59, available online with free international shipping

Coconut Matter Pampering Gift Set

For the beauty addict

Coconut Matter has created the perfect pampering pack for the eco beauty maven with a bevvy of gorgeous products, all handmade locally with a base of the brand’s signature organic virgin coconut oil, harvested from wild coconut palm trees in the Solomon Islands by fair trade small holder cooperatives. The set features a WILD virgin coconut oil jar, their CLEAR Intensive Lip care, a tin each of their Wake up & Smile Body Butter and their Sleep well & Dream Big body butter. It’s moisture heaven basically, exactly what you need with the dry winter weather.

Green Queen Eco Cred: Local, handmade with only the purest and most sustainably sourced ingredients, what’s NOT to love?

Pampering Gift Set, HK$ 500, order online

Ava Female Health Tracker Bracelet

For the techie addict

The first of its kind, the Ava is a cycle-tracking sensor bracelet for women that measures important indicators such as pulse rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability, and temperature that are directly impacted by reproductive hormones, offering the most precise read on your fertility cycle out there. Simply wear the Ava bracelet at night and sync it with the Ava app in the morning and voila! Plus it’s a super chic design so fashion-forward ladies do not need to worry. Ava was recently voted “Best of Baby Tech at CES 2017,” and named a Women’s Health “Editors’ Choice.”

Green Queen Eco Cred: Infertility is huge source of grief and anxiety amongst women today so we love that this bracelet empowers us with data that we can trust.

AVA Fertility Tracker 2.0, HKD 2,388, order online

PURE Power Pack

For the fitness addict

PURE’s Power Pack is the perfect gift for your sweat-inclined family and friends: it’s got everything they need to get restore them during the festive season with exercise, nutritional and lifestyle benefits. Valued at over HK$6,200 in retail, the Power Pack contains a month-long pass to all Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness locations throughout Hong Kong, as well two guest passes for friends, HK$200 voucher from nood food redeemable for raw and organic “healthy-licious” food and drinks and HK$200 voucher from Pure Apparel.

Green Queen Eco Cred: This gift is 100% digital and packed with experiences, not things. We love!

PURE Power Pack, HK$ 1,488, buy online

Green Toys Tea Set

For the kiddos in your life

Your little ones can host tea parties to their hearts content with the colourful Green Toys Tea Set made from recycled plastic. Designed with the benefits of unstructured play in mind (and built to be durable- they can even be thrown in the dishwasher), this environmentally-friendly 17-piece set includes a tea pot, sugar bowl, creamer, cups, saucers and spoons.

Green Queen Eco Cred: We love that all Green Toys are made from 100% recycled plastics packaged
in 100% recycled cardboard. Once again, we need to rethink how products are made and make use of all the plastic waste we create so brands like this are absolutely the way forward.

Green Toys Tea Set, HK$ 275,  available in store at Baby Basics HK, 7t Lansing House, 41-47 Queen’s Road, Central 

The Everyday Scarf Kit

For the craft addict

The Knitting Room was born in Hong Kong from a desire to break stereotypes about knitting, showcase the true calming benefits of knitting and crochet and offer simple starter packs to get people started on their craft journey. Did you know that knitting offers similar benefits for the mind as yoga? The repetition and focus on the movements help to reduce stress and enable mindfulness. The Knitting Room sources and packs their kits themselves to ensure the best quality ad their yarns are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. This Beginner kit contains everything needed to create a beautiful handmade scarf including bamboo needles, UK yarn, step-by-step instrucitons and a sewing needle. 

​Green Queen Eco Cred: We love that this is an activity gift that enhances mental health. So unique and creative!

Everyday Scarf Kit, HK$ 290, shop online

#plasticfreefoodie vol. 2 2018 Plastic-Free e-Recipe Book

For the food addict 

The #plasticfreefoodie annual eMagazine (vol 2) is a collection of recipes showcasing 60 recipes contributed by 50 inspirational food Instagrammers and zero-waste influencers. From Tasmania to Rotterdam, New York City to “somewhere on the road in Spain”, the contributors of this e-recipe book have created a gorgeous collection of seriously delicious recipes,  all made with ingredients that aren’t packaged in single-use plastic to show that we can eat deliciously, without creating waste! 100% of proceeds will be donated to Plastic Oceans International and Lonely Whale.

Green Queen Eco Cred: this book is the ultimate Green Queen gift with its plastic-free, zero waste ethos, commitment to creating delicious, nourishing food at home and support of important environmental NGOs. We plan on giving it to all our favourite foodies!

#plasticfreefoodie vol. 2 2018, USD 8.99, available online

Bahini Fair-Trade Bamboo Linen Scarf

For the travel addict 

Newly launched Bahini offers fair-trade scarves made by marginalized women and sex-trafficking survivors out of eco-friendly 100% natural bamboo linen, and azo-free dyes. Each scarf comes with a Bahini pin that can be used to hold the scarf in place or as a pin on any other garment. For every scarf they sell, Bahini gives back to the community by supporting girls in need with scholarships via the SHE=Precious foundation. The scarf is the perfect present for that someone in your life who is always in a plane, ensuring they look chic and stay warm no matter where they land.

Green Queen Eco Cred: Ethically made from environmentally- friendly materials with a built-in give-back philosophy? This is the fashion brand of the future. 

Ruth bamboo linen scarf, HK$ 733, shop online

Heritage ReFashioned Vintage Kimono Clutch

For the fashion addict 

Heritage ReFashioned is a collection of handbags and accessories made from upcycled vintage textiles from China, Japan and South East Asia, giving forgotten fabrics with serious cultural chops a new life. Their series of purse clutches made and designed in Hong Kong from vintage premium Japanese kimono obi fabrics are especially gorgeous and we love that they are also one of a kind- the ideal gift for the style-maker you love.

Green Queen Eco Cred: Upcycling vintage textiles is right up our alley, plus there’s the handmade element- this is the ultimate slow fashion. 

Vintage Kimono Clutch, HKD 1,878, shop online

Bonus: Twopresents Online Charity Fund

For those of us with family and friends scattered around the world, the holiday season is the perfect time to celebrate together, no matter the distance.This year, instead of asking grandparents, aunts and uncles to post gifts to Hong Kong, why not have them contribute to a Twopresents gift-charity fund- you can make a real difference by sharing your celebration with a charity of your choice:

  • Choose a charity your family would like to support
  • Choose a gift to enjoy together
  • Or set set-up separate gift-charity funds for each family member
  • Look forward to Christmas morning with no more unwanted presents and less waste

Visit Twopresents to get started

All images courtesy of the brands listed, lead photo from Pexels. 


  • Sonalie Figueiras

    2021 Women of Power, 2019 GEN T Honoree, V Label Global Hero, 2 x TEDx Speaker: Serial social entrepreneur & trends forecaster Sonalie Figueiras is a sustainability expert, food futurist and eco-powerhouse who has been inspiring global audiences for over a decade with practical steps on how to fight climate change. Known as the Green Queen of Asia, she is the founder and Editor in Chief of the award-winning Green Queen - the region’s first impact media platform that educates millions of readers on the connection between health, sustainability and the environment and showcases future solutions. She is also the co-founder and CEO of organic sourcing platform Ekowarehouse and climate tech SaaS Source Green, which helps consumer brands quit plastic packaging thanks to proprietary plastic reduction software. In addition, Sonalie is a global keynote speaker and an advisor to multiple mission-driven startups and NGOs, and a venture partner to several VC funds.

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