Float Foods Launches Asia’s First Vegan Egg Tamagoyaki

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Float Foods’ OnlyEg is coming to Singapore’s food service industry, marking the first time a plant-based egg Tamagoyaki is commercially available in Asia.

The fourth produce in OnlyEg’s lineup, the Tamagoyaki is making its debut in partnership with Poke Theory at the FHA APA Theatre, Singapore EXPO, this week. The chain will launch a nationwide poke bowl featuring OnlyEg in its Caramelised Onion & Black Vinegar Tamago bowls. 


The vegan egg joins OnlyEg’s shreds, patties, and XL omelettes as a hormone- and drug-free egg product that looks, cooks, and tastes like conventional eggs. The company says it offers a wholly natural, zero-cholesterol, fibre-rich, allergy-proof and cruelty-free egg that packs as much protein as a chicken egg.

This is part of Float Foods’ plant-based food mission and “Food as Medicine” approach. It says it fully taps into the nutritional benefits offered by plant-based ingredients.

OnlyEg whole egg analogue. Photo By Float Foods.

“We build our products around the philosophy of using plants to help consumers eat clean, naturally sourced, nutrient-dense substitutes that are beneficial for their health and wellbeing,” the company said.

According to OnlyEg, its initial products are now available in more than 20 hotels and restaurants including ShangriLa, Conrad, Cedele, Bamboo Bowls, Bangkok Jam, Love Handle, Solo Ristorante, Old Town, Warung Ijo.

The products are earning industry accolades; OnlyEg’s white product was awarded ‘Best Health or Wellness Food’ at the World Food Innovation Awards 2022 in London. The omelette is a finalist in the ‘Best Plant-Based functional product’ category for the World Plant-Based Awards 2022 happening later this month in New York.

Asian egg consumption

Float Foods is working to help Asian consumers reduce their conventional egg consumption. Currently, Asians consume nearly 200 eggs per person per year, and the region produces more than 65 percent of the world’s eggs.

The Dragon Chamber’s plant-based Cheeseburger Rolls with OnlyEg Omelette and Roasted “Kou Shui” Egg with OnlyEg Tamagoyaki

While much of the Asian egg consumption is “onsen” style—lightly poached, runny and slightly raw, cooked eggs are in a number of dishes including omurice, fried nasi lemak egg, tamagoyaki or an omelette.

Float Foods says an increasing number of Asian consumers are looking to reduce egg consumption for their health and climate concerns—producing a single chicken egg requires more than 240 liters of water and factory farming is a leading cause of emissions. A dozen eggs produce nealy three kilograms of heat-trapping emissions. The news follows a recent survey that looked at Asia’s increasing interest in vegan and alternative seafood.

In addition to the Tamagoyaki at Poke Theory, OnlyEg is served in the following dishes:

  • Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, Casserole  (OnlyEg in Assam Laksa and Nicoise Salad)
  • Conrad Centennial (OnlyEg x Impossible Wrap , OnlyEg Tamagoyaki bowl)
  • Dragon Chamber (Cheeseburger rolls with OnlyEg omelette and Roasted “Kou Shui” Egg with OnlyEg Tamago)
  • The Hainan Story at Hotel Boss (plant-based Curry Rice with OnlyEg Omelette x Tindle)
  • Three Buns (Le Smak Burger with OnlyEg Shreds and Boyz to Men burger with OnlyEg patty)
  • Warung Ijo (with local favourites including OnlyEg Nasi Lemak, Nasi Pendang, Orh Luak)
  • Old Town White Coffee (plant-based OnlyEg Classic Bee Hoon with Sweet & Sour Meat, OnlyEg Macaroni with Tomato Mushroom meatball and OnlyEg Toast with Ham, starting on Sept 1st)
  • Cedele (plant-based Kale x OnlyEg sandwich, available at Cedele WaterPoint outlet)
  • Bangkok Jam, Great World City and Plaza Singapura outlets (OnlyEg Pad Thai, kway teow, basil tofu rice, olive fried rice)
  • Singapore Food Festival:  OnlyEg is an official sponsor and will serve OnlyEg Patties in Satay Onigiri as part of Hawker Heroes by Chef Nicholas Koh from 31 Aug – 11 Sep. OnlyEg Tamago will also be served in a sushi workshop for 24 pax by Chef Martin on 11 Sep at 12noon.

Images: courtesy of Float Foods.


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