Frontline Fashion – Redress Design Competition DocuSeries Returns With New Host Cara G

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Frontline Fashion, the award-winning documentary from environmental NGO, Redress, has returned for its third installment on a new digital platform. Hosted by model and business entrepreneur Cara G McIlroy, the five-part series follows 11 burgeoning fashion designers on a prolific pursuit to create up-cycled clothing with little to no textile waste as they compete in the Redress Design Award – the world’s largest sustainable fashion competition.

The ten-minute episodes take viewers through all the global finalists as they source inspiration from a range of complex and current issues like climate change, gender identity, and over-consumption. Leading up to the annual Redress Design Award – which took place on September 6, 2018 – the documentary offers a fascinating and insightful look at fashion in conjunction with one of the world’s biggest polluting industries.

“The rapid expansion of Frontline Fashion year-on-year demonstrates the widespread appetite for change,” Redress Founder Christina Dean said in a statement. “Progress is good but the need for fashion to face up to its environmental impacts has never been greater. If the industry carries on as-is, carbon emissions from textile production will rise more than 60% by 2030. By repositioning sustainability through viable entertainment, the repurposing of textiles becomes an inspiring, creative, and entertaining journey.”

Despite being almost 100% recyclable, the fashion and textile industry is the second biggest environmental global polluter overall and the second biggest polluter of clean water. On a mission to reduce waste in the fashion industry, Redress has championed a decades long campaign working to educate emerging fashion designers about “sustainable design theories and techniques in order to drive growth towards a circular fashion system.” Winners of the Redress Design Award have the opportunity to create and showcase their retail collection at The R Collective, the up-cycled fashion brand born from Redress, as well as leading department stores.

Season 1 and 2 of Frontline Fashion are both available on iTunes in multiple languages. The Redress Design Award 2019 competition is now open and will accept applicant entries from all countries across the world. The finalists of this cycle will be featured in Frontline Fashion 4.

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