Functional Beverage Startup JAHMU Showcases The Healing Power of Plants With New Tonic Line

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Small in size but big in impact, JAHMU Tonic isn’t your typical health drink- far from it, in fact. Following last year’s launch of their take on the traditional Balinese healing tonic known as jamu, local wellness startup JAHMU Tonic has expanded their product line to showcase the healing power of plants to health seekers across our fair city. One thing founder Katharina Bleinis wants to make clear: don’t confuse tonics with juice.

“The biggest difference is that we’re not cold-pressed,” the Vancouver native explains. “The process of tonics means they need to be activated with heat in order to retain the medicinal value. If you’re cold-pressing juice, you’ll get some of the nutrients, flavour, and sugars but you need to know the plant properly – and what kind of heat is required – in order to reap the full health benefits.” 

JAHMU’s line of functional, restorative tonics are made from some of nature’s most efficacious ingredient, namely plants and herbs. Hand-brewed over a period of hours and heat-activated to release the full spectrum the plant’s constituents, these concentrated tonics are crafted to provide vitality, health and restored wellbeing. With a year of growth and bold new identity under each pint-sized power-packed punch, we get the lowdown on the full tonic and tincture range from Bleinis.

‘The Fixes’ Tonics

Representing a broad spectrum of remedies, all JAHMU tonics are made with 100% plant extractions. Selected for their high nutritional profile, nourishing effects and established medicinal purposes, each bottle contains abundant amounts of vitamins, mineral and healing compounds.

  • Immunity (Turmeric, Tamarind, and Lime): Influenced by the traditional Indonesian herbal elixir, Jamu Kunyit Asam, the active ingredient in the root is curcumin, aka the anti-inflammatory superpower. Great for your digestion, immune system and energy levels (the perfect post-workout fuel for faster muscle recovery), this golden tonic was the original wellness tonic from JAHMU’s humble beginnings and continues to be its number one bestseller today!
  • Beauty (Nettle, Raspberry Leaf, Rose): This plum-colored concoction of nourishing herbs – packed with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients – is ideal for pre/post-natal women. Combining raspberry leaf and nettle, a historically venerated herbal uterine tonic, the two medicinal plants work in harmony to strengthen and support the overall female system including to ease and reduce PMS, menopausal symptoms and balance hormone levels.
  • Clarity (Gotu Kola, Lemongrass, Aloe Vera, Ginger): Gotu Kola, a vital medicinal herb used in TCM and Ayurveda, has long been considered a natural memory-booster to combat mental fatigue and memory loss. Considered the ‘enlightenment herb,’ routine consumption over time is meant to increase cognitive functions and overall brain health.
  • Cleanse (Turmeric, Cayenne, Lime): A soothing tonic to cleanse the digestive system, this energizing elixir is the best grab-and-go to kickstart the liver. As the spicy cayenne brings warmth to the tummy to increase your metabolism and increase the potency of the curcumin, Cleanse is a great way to give the body a health re-boot if you’re feeling off track.

‘The Fixes’ Extracts

A concentrated extract of fresh herbs, tinctures are much stronger than tonics. Steeped in vodka over a period of weeks, the alcohol extracts the liquid from the plant to create a potent formulation that captures the full vibrancy of the herbs. What sets JAMHU’s Extracts apart from other tinctures is their 1:1 ratio of glycerin and alcohol, creating a sweet taste when ingested. This base allows for subtle blending, and makes their liquid herbal extracts easy to add to smoothies, yogurt, hot water, teas or any baked recipes. Easy to pack, Katharina suggests adding five drops a day into whatever you want

  • Immunity (Turmeric, Ginger): Combined to keep the immune system in a healthy state of balance, turmeric and ginger work hand in hand to deeply nourish the body and maintain optimal immune function.
  • Clarity (Gotu Kola, Ginko, Lemongrass): For mental sharpness and focus, blending together the revitalizing and restorative properties of gotu kola and ginko – the extremely popular Asian herb – is what Katharina uses on a daily. United with lemongrass, Clarity is a good morning extract for supporting better memory and quelling anxiety.
  • Joy (Kava Kava, St. John’s Wort, Lavender): An aromatic fusion of St. John’s Wort (an herbal flowering plant with antidepressant qualities) and kava kava (made from the roots of a pepper plant) is used with uplifting and soothing lavender to promote a positive mental attitude.

In the process of developing more flavours and recipes, be on the lookout for new Tonics and Extracts in the near future. To serve up a mega-dose of nutrients leaving you supercharged throughout the day, JAHMU Tonics are available at SpiceBox Organics, Classified, Edgar, MANA! Fast Slow Food and online. Their Extracts will only be available at SpiceBox Organics and online.

All images courtesy of JAHMU Tonic


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