Geltor’s Bioidentical Vegan Collagen Makes Its North American Skin Care Debut

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Geltor, the biodesign company behind vegan gelatin and collagen, is featured in a new vegan skincare product line—the first North American brand to include the bioidentical human collagen.

In a partnership with beauty brand Orora Skin Science, Geltor’s vegan collagen appears in two new products, a bioactive collagen cream and a bioactive collagen serum—both made with Geltor’s HumaColl21. 

“We are a company dedicated to sourcing the best quality ingredients in the world, and intrigued by the endless possibilities of biodesigned innovations to optimize health and wellness,” Orora’s CEO Peter Lee said in a statement. “Featuring the first bioidentical human collagen ingredient and the proven effectiveness of HumaColl21® in beauty products is going to change the way customers experience skincare. Inspired by light and new discovery, we are excited to launch Orora with our breakthrough products, providing cutting-edge science in a luxurious and accessible way.”


Geltor debuted the HumaColl21 in 2019 during an industry trade show in France; it’s the first product of its kind to replicate collagen. It’s designed to promote youthful skin. 

According to Geltor, of the 28 types of collagen produced by humans, Type 21 is most crucial to skin health.

The San Leandro, California-based company was founded by Alexander Lorestani and Nick Ouzounov; they began working on designer proteins in 2015. Geltor uses a sustainable fermentation process for its HumaColl21. That process, the company says, enables production “anywhere in the world” using a fraction of the land and resources when compared to traditional animal-based collagen, which typically comes from bones and ligaments of livestock.

“There are so many naturally occurring proteins with incredible functions outside of the current animal ecosystem,” Geltor co-founder and CEO, Alex Lorestani said at the time. “Our goal is to spearhead the use of bioactive proteins like collagen across new categories. HumaColl21™ opens the door to not only better results, but a better overall process that can safely be used across beauty, the food and beverage industry, and beyond.”

Orora says the inclusion of the Geltor collagen shows impressive results within its serum and creams. The collagen has also shown the ability to increase native collagen more than retinol in clinical studies. It also outperformed vitamin C and marine-based collagen.


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