Get Vegan Grub: New Plant-Based Food Delivery Platform Is Eco & Ethical Deliveroo

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Get Vegan Grub, a new vegan delivery platform that supports local independent businesses and uses eco-friendly food packaging, is set to launch in London early next year. Currently, the platform operates in Manchester and offers users gluten-free and vegan food options while supporting the local F&B sector with partnerships that come at a low commission rate and no joining fees.

Founded in Manchester by Prashant Kumbhat, Get Vegan Grub is a 100% plant-based delivery platform that aims to be the “cruelty-free alternative to Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats”. Unlike conventional delivery platforms, Get Vegan Grub operates as a small ethical business that partners with local restaurants who upon joining, provide an all-vegan menu to display on the site. Currently available in Manchester, the platform is planning to expand its operations and is slated to launch in London in February 2021. 

This means our partners get to reinvest their profits back in their businesses.

Prashant Kumbhat, Founder of Get Vegan Grub

In addition, the platform requests their restaurant partners to provide sustainable food packaging. Currently, Get Vegan Grub collaborates with Enviropack to offer food businesses compostable or biodegradable food containers at a discounted price. Upon joining, partnered restaurants do not have to pay a joining fee and commission rates are kept as low as possible. 

“This means our partners get to reinvest their profits back in their businesses,” Kumbhat explains. 

Besides offering only vegan-friendly meals on its platform, Get Vegan Grub also extends its ethical standards across its operations. Among some of the policies the company has committed to include only working with businesses that offer employees fair wages, and on the technology side, the company has developed their own platform without the use of Amazon’s services.

“We have partnered with a self-funded company for all of our platform needs. We don’t allow any advertising on our sites, and we don’t share customer data with any third parties,” said Kumbhat, who added that they also work with a U.K.-based firm that ensures their riders, who use bicycles instead of carbon-heavy transport, are paid fairly.

We aim to be the cruelty-free alternative to Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats.

Get Vegan Grub

The company’s planned expansion comes at a time when veganism is reaching an all time high in the country, no doubt due to the accelerating impact that the coronavirus crisis has had on the plant-based movement. 

Since slaughterhouse viral outbreaks have exposed the dangers and fragility of the animal meat supply chain, consumers in the U.K. and around the world have indicated rising interest in plant-based foods, with many saying they plan to make long-term changes towards vegan or flexitarian lifestyles

Lead image courtesy of Eighth Day Vegetarian Café Manchester.


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