Green Queen Recommends: HK’s Top 3 Detox Programs

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January is the time to make big changes, especially when it comes to health & wellness. People cleanse for various reasons and you can do so at any time during the year but January always feels like a great time to reset yourself and your body. Everyone has different goals when it comes to cleansing but what is most important is not be extreme so that you can stay on your program and have long term benefits. Below are Green Queen’s Top 3- start 2014 with a brand new YOU!


Superfood Smoothies


Anita Cheung, i-Detox’s founder and head nutritional consultant, developed her signature Superfood Detox Program for people looking to transform their insides. After a comprehensive consultation of your lifestyle at their headquarters, diet and medical background, the 9-day program involves drinking yummy raw smoothies filled with more nutrition than you have probably absorbed in an entire year including raw vegan protein powder, spirulina, coconut oil, omega super blends, raw cacao and more. This program is especially awesome because you are never hungry – you get raw supplements and snacks daily too. Your body will end up fully recharged and you will curb your cravings. Anita and her team support you throughout with phone and in-person consultations. For the HKD 3, 980 you get 15 days worth of products & snacks so you can keep going after you are done (plus lifetime VIP membership which entitles you to 10% off all products at their online and physical shop in Central- their selection of health products is amazing!). The only thing you need at home are water, fresh fruits and veggies. They provide everything else and then some including a 60 page manual with recipes, recommendations and nutritional advice. If you want to tack on complimentary wellness treatments during your program, i-Detox has partner discounts with colonic, infra-red saunas and lymphatic massage treatment providers. Green Queen recommends checking out the monthly Superfood Open House (HKD 1oo- which is refunded to you if you join the program) which is a great introduction to having a more balanced and wholesome approach to eating in general and will equip you with all the information you need to go ahead with the detox. You also get a scrumptious tasting of a variety of raw vegan dishes and drinks. i-Detox is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. And it works. 

The Genie Concept 

Cold Pressed Raw Juices

Genie juice

We like to call the gorgeous Cara and Melanie of the Genie Concept the first ladies of Juice! They brought the NYC super trend of juice cleansing to Hong Kong before anyone had ever heard of a green juice. They offer 1-day, 2-day, 3-day or custom length cold pressed juice cleanses (which means the nutrients are kept intact). It is super easy to order online, they deliver the juices to your home the night before you choose to start and they provide pre and post cleansing advice as well as tips to ensure you are keeping healthy during the cleanse. You can choose your level too (more fruit heavy juices for beginners, less sweet for advanced). If you are an experienced juicer, you can pick your own menu amongst their options. Prices start at HKD 600 for one day which includes 6 large raw juices delivered to you in a cold bag with ice packs. The cleanses include a morning lemonade and nighttime nut mylk drink as well as four heavy duty fruit & veggie refreshing juices packed with goodness. The drinks are very filling so you don’t feel hungry- though some may find it challenging not to chew for however many days. It must be said that of all the raw juices on the market, The Genie Concept’s are the most delicious in our humble opinion- their liquid blends make it easy to stay clean and keep cleansing. Make sure to ease in and out of the program with a simple diet of soups, salads and broths before and after so you can prepare your body properly. It must be said that of all the raw juices on the market,  The Genie Concept’s are the most delicious in our humble opinion- their liquid blends make it easy to stay clean and keep cleansing. 

Body Awakening

Powerful Powders 

body awakening

One of the newer players on the Hong Kong detox market, Body Awakening was developed by  holistic nutritionist Jessica Williams and the main focus of the program is detoxification and purification. Your organs get a much needed break on this 5-day program (HKD 1, 400) which involves imbibing soothing teas, simple juices mixed with green nutrition powerhouse powders and taking an assortment of cleansing supplements. What we love about Jessica’s program design is that in incorporates many different health philosophies. The teas contain dried goji berries, red dates and chrysanthemum flowers- all important ingredients in Traditional Chinese Medicine. You also take psyllium husk daily, a very well known Ayurvedic practice. On the superfood front, you have chlorella & spirulina pills- ideal for detoxifying your liver and clearing out heavy metals- as well as raw honey which is filled with immune boosting & anti-bacterial properties. Body Awakening has thought of everything! The box can be delivered directly to you-just order it online. It contains all the pills, powders and teas. You supplement with filtered water, simple vegetable broths and unsweetened apple juice. You can choose to do a quicker 4-day version or extend your cleanse to 7 days, totally up to you. Your box is delivered to you with a 22 page manual full of simple instructions and helpful tips to ensure you have the most comfortable experience possible. Jessica is also available to speak to throughout. 


The Green Queen Guide to Hong Kong is full of useful information to help you make cleaner choices and have a healthier life. If you want to check out more detox program options, visit the Cleanse category in our Guide. 


main photo credit: TylerIngram via photopin cc; other photos courtesy of i-Detox, the Genie Concept & Body Awakening


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