This Singapore Firm Is Expanding Vegan Seafood Across Asia To ‘Feed 100 Million’

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Growthwell Foods, a Singaporean plant-based group is now gearing to expand across Asia. Forging a new partnership with premium foods supplier Indoguna, the company is aiming to “feed 100 million with plant-based foods”. With the collaboration, Growthwell’s new vegan seafood will now reach new markets across Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Growthwell will soon be landing in more hotels, cafés, and restaurants across Asia and the Middle East, after forging a partnership with Indoguna. The Singapore group has a number of plant-based products, among them vegan seafood analogues made with Israeli food tech’s ChickP protein

ChickP vegan shrimp alternative. (Image: Growthwell)

‘Feeding 100 million with plant-based foods’

Growthwell says that the new partnership is part of its plan to feed 100 million people in the region with its plant-based offerings. 

“We’re driven by an ambitious goal of feeding 100 million people with plant-based foods, and to inspire a billion people to go green,” said the company’s executive director Justin Chou. 

“Indoguna has a vast network that includes hotels, cafés, and restaurants. We are one step closer to achieving our goal. We will continue to be the leader that drives food sustainability innovation in Asia,” continued Chou.

Aside from vegan seafood alternatives made with ChickP, Growthwell is also behind the brand OKK. OKK offers 100% egg-free sauces and cooking ingredients made with konnyaku. Other brands in its portfolio include ready-to-eat plant-based meals sold under Gomama, and Su Xian Zi, a vegetarian mushroom-based meat brand.

We’re driven by an ambitious goal…[to] inspire a billion people to go green.

Justin Chou, Executive Director, Growthwell
Su Xian Zi is a brand of vegetarian and vegan mock meats. (Image: Su Xian Zi / Growthwell)

We’ve witnessed an encouraging movement towards more sustainable and healthy food.

Melissa Ng, Senior Business Development Manager, Indoguna

Fast-growing vegan demand in Asia 

For Indoguna, adding a plant-based category to its network is crucial as demand continues to surge across the region. Until now, their product range has been largely made up of premium seafood, meat products and artisanal wines.

“Over the years, we’ve witnessed an encouraging movement towards more sustainable and healthy food,” noted Melissa Ng. Ng is Indoguna’s senior business development manager. 

“[Our] collaboration with Growthwell Foods complements our vision and goals towards this direction. [It] will supercharge our offering to our existing clientele base, as well as spearhead our entry into new frontiers,” Ng added. 

Plant-based demand in key Asian markets is set to grow by triple-digits over the next few years, according to research from Ipsos. China and Thailand were highlighted as the most lucrative opportunities, with demand expected to rise by 200% within five years. 

All images courtesy of Growthwell Foods.


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