Would You Wear Vegan Sneakers Made From Recycled Bubble Wrap? Now You Can.

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Sustainable footwear brand nat-2 joined forces with textile innovator Remeant to unveil the vegan nat-2 Sleek Low sneaker. Made from pre-used recycled bubble wrap, the partnership aims to prevent plastic from ending up in landfills and tackle the problem in an innovative way.

Shoemakers since 1856, German-based nat-2 famous for using innovative materials in its shoes partnered with Israeli-based Remeant who transforms discarded plastic into high-quality, sustainable materials. These materials can be used to develop products like handbags, furniture, and clothing.

Bubble wrap shoes

Nat-2’s new line showcases three vegan shoes created from recycled materials like recycled velcro and cord. The PETA-approved bubble wrap version features Remeant’s material derived from single-use plastic. The uppers sole of the sneakers contains this material. This marks the first time where Remeant’s bubble wrap material has been incorporated in a shoe design.

Through a patented process, the sneaker is developed to be highly durable, water-resistant, and lightweight.

Source: nat-2

Innovative materials

The midsole of the gender-neutral sneakers is made from removable cork and contains nat-2’s signature bioceramic lining. The outsole is derived from rubber whereas the laces are developed from recycled PET. In addition, the heel collar is created from smooth reflecting glass particles.

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Source: nat-2

The second shoe in this line is the vegan nat-2 Mover Low recycled velcro grey which is created from recycled moving carpet textile and contains a recycled outsole and recycled removable cork insole. The third shoe in this collection is the nat-2 Cord vegan recycled which is developed from corduroy textile and has eco-cotton laces.

Apart from this new line, nat-2 has made several sustainable shoes out of materials like algae, fungi, coffee, and cannabis.

Several footwear brands are looking at innovative materials to make sustainable sneakers. Even fashion giant Gucci jumped on the bandwagon by unveiling vegan shoes containing 77% plant-based materials and Demetra – developed from a viscose and wood pulp compound.

Nike too joined forces with Ananas Anam to create a plant-based sneaker line that showcases animal-free pineapple-based fabric.

The entire production of the new nat2 sneakers is done by hand in a small family facility in Italy and is priced at US$350. You can pre-order the style you want with a limited batch available here.

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Lead image courtesy of nat-2.


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