Green Queen’s Guide To Holistic Health Practices & Centers In Hong Kong

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Holistic health and integrated medicine are wide and varying fields that covers many types treatments from massage to homeopathy to energy work. For those looking to approach their health issues the holistic way,  we have pulled together a shortlist of practices here in Hong Kong. Most of these options have basic health services but each of them also has a selection of unique specialist services for those looking for an alternative solution.

IMI – The Integrated Medicine Institute

IMI – The Integrated Medicine Institute has a very large range of therapists with expertise in a large range of holistic health disciplines, as well as allopathic medicine GPs. IMI offers medical services including naturopathy and homeopathy, physical therapies including massage, chiropractic treatments, osteopathy, Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) and acupuncture, energy therapies including reiki, mental health counseling, as well as yoga and Tai Chi classes.

Unique Offerings: IMI’s Central location offers a dispensary with very large range of natural supplements, homeopathic remedies and herbal medicines. They also offer speciality treatments such as Bowen Therapy and Cranial-Sacral Therapy.

Central: 13/F & 17/F Kailey Tower,  16 Stanley Street,  Central, Hong Kong Island, +852 2523 7121. Email:

Discovery Bay: G-02, Office Block Two North Plaza, 96 Siena Avenue,  Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, +852 2537 1087.



Dr. Susan Jamieson & Central Medical Practice (Formerly Holistic Central)

Dr. Susan Jamieson & Central Medical Practice (Formerly Holistic Central) offers conventional family medicine as well as holistic health therapies through there many therapists. The practice’s medical offerings include naturopathy,  homeopathy, nutrition and allergy treatments, physical therapies including massage, osteopathy, Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) and acupuncture, energy therapies including reiki as well as counseling and hypnotherapy.

Unique Offerings: In addition to a specialized chronic pain solution, Dr. Susan Jamieson is a reiki master who practices Matrix Energentics.

1300 Asia Standard Tower, 59-65 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong Island, +852 2523 8044. Email:

Stanley Wellness Centre

Stanley Wellness Centre focuses on holistic health therapies. With multiple specialists, the practice’s alternative medicine offerings include naturopathy,  homeopathy, nutrition and allergy treatments but they also feature massage, osteopathy, and acupuncture services.

Unique Offerings: With coaches, counsellors, and psychologists on staff, Stanley Wellness Centre has a range of therapies focusing on the mind including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), meditation, cognitive behavior therapy, hypnotherapy and even executive coaching.

G/F, 120 Stanley Main Street,  Stanley Market, Hong Kong Island, +852 2372 9700. Email:


Balance Health

Balande Health focuses on holistic health therapies. Their therapists offer a wide range of services including homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, physical therapies including a multiple massage options, osteopathy and acupuncture, energy therapies including reiki, and the Yuen Method, as well as meditation.

Unique Offerings: Balance Health has a large selection of specialties including energy work such as bio-sonic tuning fork therapy, somatic body work,  and physical therapies including Chi Nei Tsang, Bowen Therapy, Tens Therapy, and Tension Release Exercises.

2705, 27/F, Universal Trade Centre,  3-5 Arbuthnot Road, Central, Hong Kong Island, +852 2530 3315. Email address:

The Sanctuary

February 2018 Update: The Sanctuary has closed down operations. 

The Santuary focuses on holistic healing and energy therapies. Their selection of therapists offer a wide range of services physical services including multiple massage options and energy therapies like reiki, energy healing, hypnotherapy,  yoga and meditation.

Unique Offerings: The Sanctuary’s focus on emotional and energy healing means they cover specialty techniques such as Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™ (ATMAT),  Craniosacral Biodynamics, the Millennium Method, past life regression, raindrop technique and vibrational attunement.

29/F, Unit 2905 Universal Trade Centre,  3-5A Arbuthnot Road,  Central, Hong Kong Island, +852 2537 1373. Email:


The Body Group

The Body Group focuses on holistic health therapies through their multiple therapists. The practice’s offerings include naturopathy,  homeopathy, nutrition and allergy treatments, physical therapies including massage, osteopathy, Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) and energy therapies including reiki.

Unique Offerings: On the cutting edge of mind-body therapies, The Body Group showcases Matrix Reimprinting, META-Health, BioResonance Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy

14/F, Prosperous Building,  48-52 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong Island, +852 2167-7305. Email:


Photo credits: Stanley Wellness Centre, Balance Healt


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