Impossible Foods Debuts the Indulgent Burger: ‘To Better Meet Consumers Where They Are’

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Impossible Foods has announced the Impossible Indulgent Burger, a premium version of the original Impossible Burger promising to be juicier and meatier than its predecessor.

The new Impossible Indulgent Burger caters to consumers who desire a more meaty vegan burger. According to the company, 82 percent of consumers say the new burger’s taste is as good as, or superior to traditional beef.

Indulgent is a restaurant-style third-pound patty developed to provide maximum flavor and succulence, whether serving at special dining events or casual backyard barbecues. Impossible says the new burger showcases reduced shrinkage compared to traditional beef burgers when cooked on a grill or stovetop.

‘Giving consumers more options’

“Our burger put us on the map and it’s the core of our business. But we’ve heard from our fans they’d like something bigger and even juicier, so we of course said yes,” Peter McGuinness, president and CEO of Impossible Foods, said in a statement.

Impossibe launches the Indulgent burger | Courtesy

“Not only do we have our original beef products for versatile everyday cooking, but we launched Beef Lite earlier this year for more nutrition-conscious consumers who want an even leaner alternative to animal beef. Our Indulgent Burger is the perfect addition, giving consumers more options and ways to try and buy Impossible. Creating a more differentiated portfolio allows us to better meet consumers where they are.”

Like all of Impossible Foods’ products, the Indulgent Burger offers a rich source of protein and boasts zero cholesterol and it eliminates the potential exposure to animal hormones and antibiotics often found in traditional meat. In addition, it presents a greener choice with its significantly reduced land use, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Taking vegan meat mainstream

This new burger enhances Impossible Foods’ already extensive plant-based beef selection, which includes Impossible Beef. In March, the California-based vegan meat company introduced Impossible Beef Lite, a leaner version of the original, to appeal to more health-conscious consumers.

Impossible Foods has launched a summer ad campaign
Courtesy Impossible Foods

In anticipation of the summer grilling season, Impossible Foods has launched an extensive brand advertising campaign. Leslie Sims, the company’s new Chief Marketing & Creative Officer, is leading these efforts to attract a wider audience to the plant-based meat market. It recently debuted a new campaign created by Terry Crews’ new advertising agency.

The company announced last week it had made two additional executive hires: Sunil Chandran joined as its chief science officer to oversee the company’s R&D and innovation departments and Rob Haas has signed on as chief supply chain officer and will be in charge of all things supply chain, from ingredient sourcing to dynamic forecasting.

The Impossible Indulgent Burger is currently available at popular burger outlets like Bareburger and Monty’s Good Burger, with further availability expected in the coming summer months. It will also be available at select retailers, with wider nationwide distribution to follow.

Impossible has had a longstanding relationship with Burger King, which sells a version of the popular Whopper sandwich with the Impossible patty, but no plans have been announced to add the Indulgent Burger to the menu.


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