Israel’s InnovoPro Launches Chickpea-Based Egg White Substitute With Baking Professionals In Mind

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InnovoPro has unveiled CP-Foam 1001, an egg white replacement system. The product is based on its existing CP-Pro 70 chickpea protein. The company claims that it will create higher, stronger peaks and remain cost-effective for scaled commercial use. The new product is being marketed as the “perfect mimic” of traditional egg whites.

CP-Foam 1001 is said to have a neutral taste and strong structure. It has been designed to be visually comparable to standard egg white: it is glossy and white when whipped into peaks, and works well for ‘egg-white-specific’ baking uses such as meringues, pavlovas and mousses.

Made for professionals

InnovoPro has created CP-Foam 1001 with food professionals in mind- specifically, bakers, confectioners, and food manufacturers. The company claims that the product is easy to use and hardy, withstanding commercial conditions thanks to its powder format. It is formulated to minimise pre-use preparation. “We know that [bakers and confectioners] are early risers,” company CEO Taly Nechushtan told FoodNavigator-USA. “They come to the factories very early in the morning. So, any additional processes that make their lives tougher or make their hours longer – they don’t like. So, this is why we wanted to offer such a simple solution that will really shorten the time of preparation for them.”

To make a meringue, all a baker needs to do is combine the CP-Foam 1001 with sugar and water and whip until stiff. Its ease of use makes ideal for use in a professional setting, according to Guy Manor, InnovoPro’s vice president of business development. “The launch also fills a gap in the marketplace, which doesn’t have many options currently and those that are available often fail to check all the same boxes as the CP-Foam 1001,” he said.

The company says the product is far more suitable for baking uses than aquafaba. A favourite ingredient for home cooks, chickpea water is used as an egg white alternative. Whippable and bakeable, it offered keen cooks a way to make favourite desserts egg-free. “Aqufaba is not very stable. If you have seen beautiful pictures of stiff peaks, they are usually in the mixer because after a while the stability is compromised and the meringue or foam basically melts,” said Manor.

InnovoPro claims that CP-Foam 1001 has price parity with standard egg whites. It is also reported that the product has superior nutrition to other substitutes, thanks to the proprietary protein base. 

Cracking the market

The plant-based egg sector is growing, however, many companies are focussed on recreating complete egg profiles. This creates a niche for white-only substitutions. 

Silicone Valley Startup The EVERY Company unveiled its brand new EVERY ClearEgg earlier this year. A colourless, animal-free egg protein, it is designed to be added to other foods to boost nutritional values. Though not suitable for manufacturing meringues, it is a step away from the more standard liquid egg substitutes that recreate scrambed dishes and omelettes. 

Over in Switzerland, November saw Migros announced the launch of its vegan hard-boiled eggs. Vegan egg sales in the U.S.are on the up with the sector growing 168 percent year on year. The increasing availability of professional egg-style ingredients is likely to be reflected in next year’s figure. 

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