Israel’s PMO Committed To ‘Solidifying’ The Country’s Leadership In Alternative Protein

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The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) says promoting alternative proteins is a national goal as the office considers it a solution for food security and a means to strengthen the economy. 

PMO Director General Yossi Shelley and the Prime Minister’s Animal Rights Advisor Tal Gilboa recently visited two of Israel’s leading food-tech companies that produce alternative proteins: Remilk, which produces fermentation-based milk, and Tnuva, which produces most of the alternative protein products for the Israeli market. 

‘A major power in alternative protein’

The PMO is currently working to formulate a government initiative to advance the dialogue around alternative proteins and to maintain Israel’s lead in the field. The Good Food Institute (GFI) Israel and the Israel Innovation Authority are supporting the initiative.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has previously stated that “Israel will be a major power in alternative protein.” Nir Goldstein, GFI Israel’s CEO, says the significance of this emerging field is proof that alternative proteins “are the only scalable solution, and the Israeli ecosystem is paving the way.” 

A GFI spokesperson told Green Queen via email that the Israeli government is planning to announce an official governmental plan around alternative protein investment this June, including funding and investment directives.

Tnuva Alternative Dairy
Tnuva Alternative Dairy | Courtesy

“The past year brought immense challenges, from failures in the global food supply to macroeconomic declines and geopolitical tensions,” Goldstein said. Yet the threat to our climate persists, and it is clear – we can’t reach net zero emissions and create resilient food systems without shifting away from industrial animal farming.“

With the global food supply facing immense challenges, transitioning away from industrial animal farming is a crucial factor. The PMO says Israel is committed to solidifying its leadership in alternative protein research and manufacturing for climate and food security.

By promoting alternative proteins, Israel can address food security concerns and bolster the economy. The PMO is taking an active role in coordinating efforts to promote advances in the field. GFI Israel and the Israel Innovation Authority’s support will be instrumental in formulating the plan, and collaborations with start-up companies, academics, and investors in the field will be key to this endeavor.

Israel’s alt-protein investments

The news comes on the heels of a GFI Israel report that found investments in alternative protein across Israel grew 130 percent between 2021 and 2022.

“We believe that food needs to be manufactured as close as possible to where it is consumed for sustainability and economic reasons but Israel can definitely become a center for both R&D and industrial manufacturing,” Goldstein said in February.

Israel’s Remilk is producing dairy via precision fermentation | Courtesy

Last year, Israel also announced it had earmarked nearly $5 million to educate young people about the climate crisis and how to fight it. Israel has a 2050 target to achieve carbon neutrality.

“The climate crisis has become a reality, and we must be realistic and speedy in dealing with it,” Tamar Zandberg, the now-former Minister of Environmental Protection, said in her address to the 2021 Climate Innovation Summit.

“The question then is how to accelerate economic growth, international trade, and infrastructure development, while at the same time, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and keeping global warming below 1.5°C, and adapting to a world reshaped by climate change?”


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