Kate Winslet Talks True Cost of Food in New Climate Documentary

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A new climate documentary narrated by Oscar award-winning actress Kate Winslet is set to spotlight the true cost of our food choices. Debuting next month, Eating Our Way To Extinction addresses the “hard truths” of what’s driving ecological collapse—and empowers audiences with evidence on how avoiding animal products will have the most “profound impact” for the planet’s future. 

Narrated by Winslet, the upcoming documentary Eating Our Way To Extinction is set to hit select cinemas in the U.S. and U.K. on September 16 as a one-night only event. It’s all about how our very food choices are having an immense impact on the most pressing crisis of our generation—climate and ecological collapse. 

‘Uncovering the hard truths’

According to the synopsis, the movie takes viewers on a global journey around the world “from the depths of the Amazon rainforests to the Taiwanese Mountains” to “uncover hard truths” about the climate crisis and the role food plays in it, while debunking myths about veganism and plant-based diets. 

“Confronting and entertaining, this documentary allows audiences to question their everyday choices, industry leaders and governments,” it says. “Featuring a wealth of world-renowned contributors, it has a message of hope that will empower audiences.”

Some of the big names who will feature in the film, besides narrator and executive producer Kate Winslet, include Tony Robbins, Richard Branson and Dr. Sylvia Earle, the former chief of the NOAA and globally-renowned explorer and environmentalist. 

The documentary, co-directed by the Brockway Brothers, will also share insights from scientists like Oxford University’s Dr. Marco Springmann, Cambridge University’s Professor Peter Wadhams and Dr. Tara Garnett, the head of the Food Climate Research Network—just to name a few. 

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio has backed the film, describing it as the movie that “future generations will be wishing everyone watched today.”

Kate Winslet is the executive producer and narrator of upcoming documentary ‘Eating Our Way To Extinction’. (Image: Britannica)

Eating To Extinction or Eating For Tomorrow?

Though Eating Our Way To Extinction presents a dire warning of the impending crisis that the world is already facing, from increasingly frequent droughts and heatwaves to intensifying disasters like hurricanes and wildfires, the message of the movie is one of hope. By empowering viewers with the science and data on how our meat and dairy-heavy diets are driving ecological collapse, it hopes to encourage individuals to make better, climate-friendly dietary choices. 

“Although the window we have left seems intimidatingly small, we can all change the course of the climate disaster,” reads the synopsis. 

“Avoiding animal products such as meat, fish, dairy and eggs, will have a profound impact towards a sustainable future for our planet. We all have the power to make an impact. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner – three chances to change the world for the better. Are you Eating To Extinction, or Eating For Tomorrow?” 

Renowned marine biologist Dr. Sylvia Earle will be featured in the film alongside dozens of other scientists and climate experts. (Image: Eating Our Way To Extinction)

Impact of animal agriculture

Globally, animal agriculture drives nearly a fifth of the world’s GHG emissions. Livestock farming is also the world’s largest user of land resources, using up 80% of all arable agricultural land, and has driven practices like deliberate land clearing in the Amazon rainforest. 

While less attention has gone to the impact of commercial fishing, the recent documentary Seaspiracy has placed the industry under sharper focus for its carbon footprint and role in destroying marine biodiversity and fuelling plastic pollution. 

The makers of Eating Our Way To Extinction say that fans of hit environmental films like The Game Changers will be sure to enjoy this latest must-watch, which will help viewers “gain a further understanding of the true cost of what we eat.” 

Lead image courtesy of Eating Our Way To Extinction.


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