Why Kylie Jenner Just Turned Her Billion-Dollar Beauty Line Vegan

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Media personality, socialite, model, and businesswoman Kylie Jenner has given her iconic beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics a makeover. Featuring an all-new vegan makeup range, Jenner will offer consumers products like lip gloss and eyeliner.

Launched in 2015, Kylie Cosmetics became a successful brand known for its liquid lipsticks and liners. The brand’s lip kits were one of the most sought-after beauty products—helping Jenner become the youngest-ever self-made billionaire listed by Forbes magazine in 2019. The brand is worth around US$900 million.

Why brand makeover?

Traditional makeup contains a variety of animal-based ingredients: lip products like balms, sticks, and glosses contain lanolin, derived from sheep wool. It’s is used for its softening and moisturizing properties.

Other ingredients include glycerine, which comes from animal fats; squalene, which can be extracted from shark oil, collagen developed from mostly cows’ tissue, bone, skin, or ligaments, beeswax, animal urine, and even crushed insects.

The brand was always cruelty-free—meaning it was not subjected to animal testing. While it’s a controversial safety measure with less cruel options available, animal testing used by some of the world’s leading cosmetics producers.

Jenner’s half-sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have both been reducing their meat intake, and Jenner told her 200 million Instagram followers recently that she too is limiting her meat consumption. Following this news, she announced her brand’s makeover. She wrote in a post: “Meet the new Lip Kit: smudge resistant, vegan, lightweight, 8-hour wear. [I] gave Kylie Cosmetics a little makeover.”

Kourtney applauded the move, “Vegan and clean now you’re talking my language.”

All previous imagery of her brand was deleted and new pictures of the vegan products were posted.

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Vegan makeup

In a second post about her brand’s makeover, Jenner introduced her new vegan matter lip line. “The new Kylie matte lip. All the shades you love, refreshed and reformulated. One swipe instant-setting colour payoff; Budge resistant; Vegan, cruelty free, gluten free.” These will be available in 32 shades.

The brand will be offering a vegan high gloss. The company claims it is non-sticky, softening, and will come in 30 shades. In addition, the new brand will include 37 lip kits, 15 waterproof gel eyeliners, nine lip liners, and four lip blushes.

New products for purchase drop every day on the brand’s Instagram page.

Several other celebrities too have started vegan makeup and beauty lines like Jada Pinkett Smith, Selena Gomez and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

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Lead image courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics.


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