Made Real: A Healthy Snack Box Delivery Service Created Especially For You

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There’s no shortage of snacks in the world and there’s no shortage of snackers but when it comes to finding healthy snacks that are also delicious, there’s always room for improvements. Which is why we were so excited to discover Made Real, a new online bespoke healthy snack subscription service that is all about the yum factor. Made Real offers a healthy snack subscription that aims to deliver products tailored to individual nutritional needs, health goals and dietary preferences,” explains co-founder Robin Lim. Featuring over 100 snack mixes in multiple categories like granolas, nuts, fruits, seeds and vegetables, there is something for everyone- Made Real offers options for vegans, veggies and paleo eaters, not to mention low-sugar options for diabetics and pregnancy-friendly mixes.

Made Real founders

How It All Began

Started in Singapore by childhood friends Lim and Roslyn Teng after they both battled with years of eating issues, Made Real has cultivated a steady following of devoted snackers in their hometown and has just launched in Hong Kong with a bang. This is especially impressive when you consider that neither Lim nor Teng is 25 yet. Originally a social awareness campaign aimed at body positivity and recovery, Made Real‘s first year was spent organizing events and pushing out content geared toward achieving a balanced life when it came to food. When the movement in the Lion City gained traction, both Teng and Lim saw a gap in the snacking industry that they decided to fill.

Made Real Snack Box

Hong Kong Launch

With the 852’s urbanites going crazy for all things wellness and constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest healthy eats, our bustling city seemed a natural fit. Hong Kong is full of busy people looking for healthy food solutions, an ideal combination for Made Real‘s mission, which is to make snacking accessible and nutritious. “People are becoming more aware of the pitfalls of not taking care of their body and we thought our business model would flow well in Hong Kong where people are very concerned about their health,” adds Teng.

Made Real Dark chocolate granola

Customization Is Key

There are other healthy snack brands and other snack box delivery companies but Made Real’s X factor is the customization you get when you order. “Made Real really took off when we introduced personalized snacking options,” reflects Teng. Their approach is different from other services: Made Real tailors your snack experience to meet your health goals and your nutritional needs. They have you complete a short five-question survey and then they create a snack mix selection that takes into account your taste preferences, your allergies, and your dietary needs. It’s an efficient solution, offering a range of snacks that fits your specific user profile.

Made Real breakfast

A Mission-Based Approach

“People are starting to realize the difficulties of juice cleanses and detox diets where a lot of results are promised in the short term but there’s not much continuity in the long term,” says Teng. “If you look at the fitness industry, most gyms are not positioning themselves as weight-loss experts anymore. It’s all about strength and feeling good on the inside and we have really aligned with that concept.” The company’s mission encompasses a holistic approach from mentality to munchies, with a focus on helping you build a wholesome relationship with the foods you eat.

Made Real

What’s In The Snacks

All of Made Real‘s snack mixes are designed, tested and made fresh in their Singapore central kitchen with superfood ingredients like coconut oil, lemon essential oil, Himalayan rock salt and cacao nibs. We loved everything we tasted. On re-order: their popular vegan-friendly Choc Chip Dough Granola Pops (with dark chocolate chips, oats, dates, cashews, vanilla) and the Almond Rocky Road (with cacao nibs, dried cranberries, baked almonds). We’re also crazy about all their granola mixes. There is so much granola out there but Made Real‘s version is full of millet, chia seeds and quinoa, which means added fiber, nutrients and some serious crunch. A firm favorite was their Red Bean Granola (with oats, vanilla, flax, pumpkin seeds) is an homage to the importance of red bean in Chinese culture. Their best-seller? The Sun Salutations, a nut mix of almonds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds.

Made Real Mixed Items

How To Order

After you have completed your health quiz, you can select between a weekly, 2-week or 4-week delivery subscription. Each curated box contains six kinds of snack mixes (from their 100+ menu). As your health goals change, you are also able to alter your profile to reflect your updated snacking requirements. You can also purchase a la carte if you’d like to try out the treats before committing. As their entire product line is made with real ingredients with no preservatives or artificial coloring, shelf life ranges anywhere from one to ten months. Made Real makes a perfect gift for family & friends! Take the quiz to figure out your snack needs and get Made Real’s delicious, healthy treats delivered.

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