#MadeInHong Kong: 9 Cruelty-Free Local Food & Drink Holiday Gifts

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Christmas gift ideas that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free don’t come easy. Frankly, no one actually needs more things! Food & drink however, is always welcome and a great way to treat your loved ones with something everyone can enjoy together. In the spirit of celebrating the holiday season the green and ethical way, here are 9 locally made food and drink gifts (no more materialist things!) that are cruelty-free!

1. Handover Gin

Made in Hong Kong gin anybody? Handover Gin is the newest gin maker in town, and the first distillery to open and operate in the city in more than 40 years. Founded by Steven Newton, Handover Gin is already handcrafting gin, vodka, whisky and rum in small batches. All are infused with local scents and flavours such as ginseng, coriander, juniper berries and fresh ginger, and distilled right here in Tsuen Wan – so it’s a low-carbon drink! While their alcohol is made with New Zealand whey, which is not vegan-friendly, it is suitable for vegetarians.

Handover Gin’s products are available online through HK Liquor Store and The Bottle Shop.

2. Young Master Ales Triangle Box Set

Opened in 2013, Hong Kong’s very own Young Master Ales Brewery has become known for their locally rooted craft beers, and they fully own and operate two brewing Hong Kong facilities that house Asia’s largest wood barrel aging program and an oak foeder for mixed-culture fermentation. All of their beers do not contain any animal-derived ingredients like insinglass, and one of their previous products that contained honey has been removed since 2016. This box set from is made up of three 330-ml signature bottles from the local brewery: Classic Pale Ale, Island 1842 and Cha Chaan Teng Gose. 

The Young Master Box Set is available through their website.

3. Conspiracy Chocolate

Handcrafted, Hong Kong-made bean-to-bar chocolate is bound to be a total pleaser. Conspiracy Chocolate’s bars are made with cacao beans from Vietnam’s Dak Lak province, which are hand sorted, fermented and dried in natural sunlight by smallholder farmers who sell directly to the company. All of their bars are 100% vegan, as they contain only pure cacao, raw cane sugar and dried fruit, nuts, spices and natural plant-based toppings, and made in Conspiracy’s very own Sai Ying Pun kitchen. 

Conspiracy Chocolate is available on their online store and multiple retail locations across Hong Kong. 

4. Nectar Artisanal Vegan Cheese Holiday Platter 

We were all saddened to hear the news that Nectar, Chef Peggy Chan’s fine plant-based dining concept will close down from the 27th December onwards. But we can still support the pioneering restaurant and enjoy their delicious culinary creations in the meantime by purchasing a Nectar Artisanal Vegan Cheese Holiday Platter. Comprised of 8 different artisanal plant-based cultured cheeses, gluten-free crackers, homemade sourdough, activated nuts and fruit compote, the platter is a perfect gift for any healthy herbivore or vegan-curious! 

Nectar’s Plant-Based Cheese Platter is available to order before the 13th December, contact hello@nectarexperience.co

5. Organic Vegan Panettone 

FoodCraft is presenting an Organic Vegan Sourdough Panettone this year, which is baked fresh in the morning that it is delivered in their own Kennedy Town kitchen. Soft, sweet and made with homemade 8-12 hour fermented organic wheat sourdough, this is truly a special panettone to gift anyone who is health-conscious, plant-based, or simply enjoys a delicious cruelty-free festive dessert loaf. If you’re looking for something a bit moreish, FoodCraft has also put together a Vegan Organic Hamper – the small version includes the sourdough panettone alongside a Raw Cranberry Sauce, Coconut Yogurt, Gluten-Free Christmas Cookie Jar, Shredded Cinnamon Coconut Crisps, and a Mulled Wine Sachet. Everything in the small hamper is 100% vegan, organic and made locally

FoodCraft’s Organic Vegan Sourdough Panettone is available online to order here, and the Organic Vegan Christmas Hamper (small) here

6. Organic Coco Nut Butters Box 

Coco Paradise, founded by Valerie Chiu in Hong Kong, specialises in crafting healthy, delicious, gluten-free, dairy-free and nutrient packed coconut goodies. This year, they have created a limited edition Christmas Mini Coco Nut Butters Box, a great gift for any nut-butter and coconut lover. The box is made up of their best-selling Coco-Raspberry Peanut Butter Swirl, Crunchy Maple Coco-Cinnamon Almond Butter and Creamy Coco-Cashew Pistachio Butter. All three nut butters are 100% vegan, free from refined sugar, contains no palm oil and packaged plastic-free

Coco Nut Butters Box is available for pre-order online

7. Vegan Grazing Platter

The Green Platters is Hong Kong’s homegrown catering company that is committed to deliver bespoke, sustainable and fresh food for events, and their Vegan Grazing Platter is the ultimate centrepiece gift for the holiday season. Platters feature three to five handcrafted vegan cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables, handmade chips, roasted spiced nuts, gourmet crackers, seedy crackers, chocolate, olives and more. Who wouldn’t love this?

The Green Platters’ Vegan Grazing Platter is available to order online

8. Fresh Sourdough Bread Loaves 

Fresh sourdough loaves from Hong Kong’s very own artisan bakery? Yes, please! Mayse Artisan Bakery’s breads are baked-to-order, made using an organic sourdough starter, organic ingredients, according to a traditional Latvian recipe. All their breads are completely plant-based, and there are over 20 types of delicious sourdough on offer including cranberry walnut and truffle garlic. 

Mayse Artisan Bakery’s products are available to order online.

9. Gweilo Craft Beers

Gweilo was founded by husband-and-wife Emily and Ian and their friend Joseph out of their love for unpasteurized, fresh and natural craft beers. They’ve since gained quite a cult following for their crisp and vibrant ales, all brewed locally in their Fo Tan facility with European malt and their secret recipe of South Pacific and American hops. Almost all of Gweilo’s beers are vegan-friendly, as they have stopped using isinglass, except a select few products that contain lactose, which is suitable for vegetarians.

Gweilo Craft Beers are available in their online store and multiple retail locations.

Lead image courtesy of Sweet Simple Vegan.


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