This Malaysian Food Delivery App Wants To Fix Your Vegan Cravings

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New food delivery app Zesty Clickz aims to fill the gap of accessible and tasty vegan options in Malaysia. It exclusively promotes vegan and vegetarian plant-based dishes, products and groceries for interested consumers in the country.

Founded by Gulshan Rai and Mandeep Singh with IT backgrounds, Zesty Clickz began its operations in April 2021.

Rai who has been a vegetarian for 10 years would always be searching for vegetarian food or products. She used to end up buying them from online groups and home-based businesses on social media platforms. Sometimes she even felt that the dine-in vegetarian meals would taste better than the delivered ones, even if ordered from the same restaurant.

Given how inconvenient it was and wondering if others like her faced similar issues, she and Singh decided to invest RM90K (approx.US$21K) and start Zesty Clickz.

Source: Zesty Clickz

How it works?

Even though it might have a shortlist of choices, Zesty Clickz strictly lists food providers who only serve meatless dishes. It even excludes those that have vegetarian and vegan options along with animal-based items.

Users can view the category— and see if it is vegan or vegetarian. For better customer service, there is a WhatsApp link for the consumers to contact them if they face any issues or have any questions.

Until June, merchants could sign up on the platform for free. Now, the app charges a 10% commission fee, out of which 7% remains with the company and 3% is used for its payment gateway.

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Delivery options

For on-demand delivery, the platform uses Asia-based tech company Lalamove which has over 700,000 drivers across Asia and Latin America.

For pre-order delivery, Zesty Clickz uses YTT Logistics. This service is more economical, for instance, the rates are fixed for delivery in Klang Valley

Lastly, there is the merchants’ self-delivery option where they share their pricing with the company’s team. Accordingly, the backend information is updated with the respective eateries.

Source: Focaccia Felice 

At the moment, the platform has 65 food providers ranging from vegan and vegetarian restaurants, cafes, stalls, to home-based businesses. With over 2000 users on the app, it is experiencing tremendous growth from fulfilling 110 orders back in April to 550 orders in June.

Returning customers

Zesty Clickz has been noticing customers returning to their platform, especially since they increased their radius of delivery. At least 80% of these customers are vegetarians or vegans. The platform has even received praise from the Malaysian Vegetarian Society.

However, it is working on tackling its high delivery fees and lack of established merchants by addressing their concerns of tech and importance of shifting online.

Going forward, the company plans to expand to Penang and other areas to become the go-to place in the country for all things vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based. By Q4 2021, it will unveil its plans of onboarding more grocery stores and home-based businesses.

According to data from delivery giant Deliveroo, around 50% of food delivery shopping carts have vegan items. On the other hand for California-based Instacart, around one-third of shopping lists have a vegan dairy or meat item.

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Lead image courtesy of Crown Colony Cuisine.


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