Miyoko’s Creamery: Plant-Based Dairy Founder And Company She Started Agree To Resolve All Lawsuits And Withdraw Legal Claims

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Three months after the vegan dairy company filed a lawsuit against its founder and former CEO, both parties say they have resolved all disputes and withdrawn all legal claims.

In social media post published by both Miyoko Schinner and the company earlier today, both parties shared the following statement:

Miyoko’s Creamery and Miyoko Schinner are pleased that they have resolved all legal disputes between them and that they have withdrawn all legal claims made against each other.

Miyoko’s Creamery acknowledges the tremendous creativity, hard work, and integrity of its founder, Miyoko Schinner, a true pioneer in vegan creamery products, and appreciates her many contributions to the company over the years.

Miyoko Schinner appreciates the dedicated team of people at Miyoko’s Creamery and their commitment to continuing her legacy through sustained and continued excellence in manufacturing, developing and selling vegan creamery products.

Miyoko and the company wish each other well as they go their separate ways.

This ends the legal dispute that began when the company filed a lawsuit naming Schinner as the defendant on March 19th of this year, exactly three months ago, alleging breach of contract and company IP misappropriation. Further complaints listed included Violation of Defend Trade Secrets Act, Violation of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, Breach of Duty of Loyalty and Breach of Promissory Note.

At the time, Schinner posted a strongly worded social media statement, writing: “I am shocked that certain board members have decided to file a lawsuit against me. There are wild untruths about me that are designed to destroy me and get me out of the way. I have been cooperative with the Company since my termination…While I am eager to bring the truth to light, I am going to move with the care necessary to ensure that I am operating in accordance with my fiduciary duties as a Director and with applicable legal rules and guidelines. (while I remain a Director, I am uncertain of how much sway or say I actually have). As always, I thank you for your trust, your patience, and your support.” 

Schinner had been removed as CEO back in June 2022, though no public announcement had been made. In March, Schinner countersued, alleging wrongful termination and claimed that sexism was to blame. She said she was forced out after filing multiple HR complaints about male executives who “openly denigrated women.” She secured representation by The Bloom Firm, home of celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom who controversially advised Harvey Weinstein early on during his sexual abuse scandal and whose mother is renowned feminist lawyer Gloria Allred.

The company, which was founded by longtime vegan chef and animal rights activist Schinner in 2014, pioneered vegan cheese and butter made from organic and wholefood ingredients. As of today, its products can be found in over 20,000 retailers worldwide and it has raised over $78.6 million worth of funding.

The company recently unveiled a new look with more minimalist branding and an updated logo.


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