Morrisons Joins The Plant-Based Race With 50 New Vegan Products

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UK supermarket chain Morrisons has launched its Plant Revolution brand. The fully vegan range aims to make plant-based eating simple and interesting. The brand’s debut features 50 products from grab-and-go sandwiches to ready meals and desserts.

Plant Revolution was inspired by existing Morrisons’ customers who asked for more vegan options. The overarching feedback was that it needed to be easier to adopt a plant-based diet. Morrisons claims to be targeting both vegans and omnivores.

Plant Revolution meatballs

Perfect timing for a Plant Revolution

Morrisons has chosen January 2022 for its Plant Revolution launch. This allows for a seamless reveal during Veganuary, when attention is turned toward plant-based foods.

“We want our customers to enjoy eating well, no matter what diet they choose to follow,” Emily Bell, Plant Revolution brand manager for Morrisons said in a statement. “For part-time plant-eaters, fully-fledged flexitarians and the purely plant-based, our new Plant Revolution range delivers the bold and exciting flavours we know they’re looking for, and we’re excited to hear what people think of it.”

The new range will compete with fellow ‘big four’ UK supermarkets Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. All have their own well-established plant-based ranges. With prices starting from £1, Morrisons will also offer more competition to budget chains such as Aldi and Lidl.

The range features a global flavour profile with international influence identifiable throughout. Butternut Penang Curry, Beefless Wellington, and Caramellised Onion and Arancini Bites are some of the highlights. Alongside prepared meals are basic staples for enthusiastic home cooks, including ’Mighty Mince’ and ‘No Chick’n Pieces’. Soy protein forms that base for most products, making them unsuitable for allergen sufferers.

The range has been certified by the U.K. Vegan Society, with branding in place to highlight this. 

Plant Revolution mighty mince

From health stores to supermarkets

In recent years, foods that were traditionally found in independent food stores have hit supermarket shelves. All major U.K. supermarkets now have their own ranges of vegan dishes, with smaller names such as Marks and Spencer keeping up too.

2021 was a good year for Tesco. In July, it announced that its own brand, Wicked Kitchen, was heading to the U.S. as part of a global expansion plan. In the last few days, it has also landed in Finland. Tesco also partnered with VFC in October last year, to stock popcorn chicken, bites, and mini fillets that offer an alternative to conventional fried chicken.

Not to be outdone, Sainsbury’s has been looking to secure prominent exclusive distribution deals. In 2021 it announced it would be stocking OmniPork, the vegan pork brand based in Hong Kong. Last week, the grocery giant announced that it would be debuting the new vegan Babybel mini cheeses. The U.K. market is the first to receive the new Bel Group release and Sainsbury’s snagged the first distribution deal.

Asda set itself apart early in the game. Back in 2020 it announced that it was the first chain to initiate 100 percent vegan food aisles in its stores. The move came in response to growing demand and an understanding of consumer shopping habits. Asda cited easy and fast grocery shopping as a priority for its customers. Clearly identifiable aisles and bays were brought in to support positive purchasing experiences.

All images courtesy of Morrisons.


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