New All in One Air Purifier Takes On HK indoor Air Pollution

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The first-ever patented intelligent indoor air system has arrived to Hong Kong in a bid to improve breathing conditions at home. OLFINITY, a revolutionary IoT integrated air monitor, purifier and aromatherapy diffuser series that works in tandem has been lauded at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show to fight off pollutants that could be lurking in the comforts of your most sacred space.

“Indoor air pollution is a growing problem and increasingly homeowners, apartment dwellers and even corporations are conscious of the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy indoor air environment,” said co-founder Nicolas Moulin in a statement. “Evaluating and treating indoor air quality has become more critical than ever and knowing your indoor air quality and condition is vital.”

The comprehensive air monitor gauges the air quality, temperature and humidity using sensors, looking for VOCs (short for Volatile Organic Compounds which are basically fumes, vapors or gases that are released from burning fuels like gasoline, wood, or consumer products like cigarettes, solvents and paint thinners) and PM (short for Particulate Matter like dust, dirt, and allergens). Small and lightweight, the unit can be used indoors or out with a two hour battery life. From the data provided, the air purifier will activate and clean indoor air pollution levels using a combination of a HEPA filter and activated carbon when VOCs and PM exceed safety standards which have been set by the World Health Organization (WHO). The third device, a sleek essential oil diffuser, will disperse a controlled aromatherapy session with purified air that lasts 20 minutes using organic essential oils from France. Currently, OLFINITY has five blends to choose from.

The entire product series can be managed wirelessly or with a Bluetooth connection to their namesake app. The gateway can allow users to control each device separately, monitor, track and program the entire ecosystem or view air quality history reports.

While official data states that Hong Kong’s air quality is improving, the standards are far behind the global guidelines set by the World Health Organization. Residents looking to improve the quality of their home environment have made conscious investments in air purifiers. As air purification remains a primary concern to mitigate the global health issue of worsening air quality, tech companies like Wynd have created solutions like portable personal air purifiers to allow people to breathe a little easier.

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Image courtesy of OLFINITY.


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