Nopal FTW: These 8 Cactus Leather Must-Haves Will Make Your Plant-Based Fashion Dreams Come True

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Cactus leather, the vegan-friendly and sustainable alternative developed by Mexican startup Desserto, has turned heads lately in the textile world, from landing a partnership with industry giant H&M to packing a punch in boxing gloves for the first time. Desserto’s innovation has meant that brands can finally turn away from their reliance on plastic-based leathers when it comes to launching cruelty-free pieces, and can instead choose a natural, toxin-free and PVC free material that rivals the durability and breathability of the real deal. Too good to be true? We’ve rounded up some of the amazing plant-based accessories, shoes and clothing made from cactus leather, proving that an entirely animal-free wardrobe is not just possible, it’s oh-so-fashionable too. 

1. CLAE Bradley Sneakers 

Source: CLAE

Los Angeles label CLAE have recently launched the world’s first sneaker made with cactus leather. Called the Bradley, the minimalist sneaker comes in three colours, pairing the cactus leather outer with a cotton canvas lining, 100% natural rubber sole and packaged in eco-friendly recycled cardboard. 

2. Carmona Collection Sandals, Oxfords, Boots…

Source: Carmona Collection

Not a fan of sneakers? Cactus leather is so versatile that it can pretty much replace leather used in any shoe – think classic oxfords, boots and even wedge-heeled sandals. Mexican brand Carmona Collection has created an entire line using Desserto’s vegan leather, coming in different colours, shapes, sizes…you name it. 

3. Karl Lagerfeld x Amber Valletta Designer Handbags

Source: Karl Lagerfeld

Okay, technically it’s not available yet – but the news is out. Luxury designer Karl Lagerfeld is now collaborating with supermodel Amber Valletta to co-develop a sustainable accessories collection, slated to debut in Spring 2021. The not-yet-launched line will feature a conscious iteration of Lagerfeld’s iconic K/Kushion bag, made with Desserto cactus leather, coming in two colours – green and black. We wait eagerly. 

4. Luxtra Maya Tote Bags

Source: Luxtra

London-based vegan sustainable label Luxtra has launched a new collection of cactus bags, featuring two gorgeous Maya Totes that come in cherry red and a luscious cactus green. For those looking for something smaller, Luxtra created an adorable red Nina Mini Handbag too!

5. A_C Backpack

Source: A_C

Australian brand A_C has designed the backpack you’ve been waiting for. The Darcy Daypack features Desserto’s pebbled cactus leather on its exterior, matched with a 100% organic-certified inside lining and a load of internal pockets to make it super functional, not to mention sleek and fashionable. 

6. Artigiano Classic Black Belt

Source: Artigiano

Artigiano, a Mexican eco fashion store, has used cactus leather to reinvent the ultimate staple leather item in your wardrobe: the good ol’ belt. Their animal-free 35-millimetre thick Classic Black Belt is handmade by Mexican artisans, comes in two versions – one classic black, and the other featuring a contrast red stitching. 

7. Deadwood River Jacket

Source: Deadwood Studios

Rejoice! Swedish sustainable recycled leather vintage label Deadwood Studios have come out with an all-new cactus leather collection to cater to vegans. Coming in both men’s and women’s styles, you can choose the classic River Jacket in three colours – green, red and beige. Plus, Deadwood have designed matching Presley cactus leather pants to complete the ultimate trendy animal-free look.

8. Miomojo Telca Satchel

Source: Miomojo

A sophisticated gal? Miomojo’s Telca satchel is for you. Designed and made in Italy, the trendy yet retro bag is the perfect size for everyday, featuring big zipper compartments, side snap buttons and hidden pockets that are great for your keys or phone – oh, and it’s 100% vegan, made from cactus leather, if the rich green hasn’t already given that away.  

Lead image courtesy of Luxtra. 


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