New Vegan OmniPork Dishes Just Landed In Over 20 UK Restaurants

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Diners across the UK will be able to taste a range of new plant-based dishes made with OmniPork, the 100% vegan pork substitute developed by Hong Kong’s OmniFoods. Rolling out at more than 20 restaurant partners, the new limited-edition dishes, from loaded “pork” fries to miso pork tan-tan noodles, will be served as part of a new Big Vegan Pig Out campaign running until the end of October. 

Plant-based brand OmniPork has just started a new restaurant campaign with 21 establishments across the UK, with partners set to serve up limited-edition vegan pork dishes for the month of October. Some of the restaurants set to participate in the Big Vegan Pig Out include cult-favourite Japanese-London fusion restaurant Nanban Brixton, burger chain Nanny Bill’s and Vietnamese diner Hanoi Ca Phe. 

Omni Miso Tan-tan Men at Nanban.

Big Vegan Pig Out

From now until October 31, restaurant partners will be treating diners to new plant-based creations using OmniPork’s three vegan pork products, including Mince, Luncheon and Strips. All three have been developed by Hong Kong-based OmniFoods, the food tech arm of Green Monday, which first landed in the UK market in January 2021 to coincide with the Veganuary campaign. 

Among some of the dishes that restaurants will feature include loaded “pork” and kimchi fries made with Omni Strips, a miso tan-tan noodle made with OmniPork, steamed OmniPork and radish dumplings and a OmniPork Luncheon “spam” burger. 

Other participating restaurants include dim sum specialists Royal China Group, which first added a dedicated vegan OmniPork dim sum menu featuring 12 dishes back in April at its flagship Marylebone location. Many of the creations were plant-based recreations of iconic Cantonese orders, such as siu mai, dumplings and lotus root patties. 

Spamriyaki Burger at Plant Hustler.

100% vegan restaurants adding OmniPork to their menu as part of the Vegan Pig Out include Plant Hustler, Plant Powered Pizza, No Bonez and VeganE. 

‘Anyone can transition away from meat’

Speaking about the launch of OmniPork in over 20 new restaurants across the UK, Green Monday founder and CEO David Yeung said he was “delighted to be partnering with such a dazzling array of talented chefs and lively restaurants.” 

“Teaming up with these restaurants to showcase our OmniPork products is an honour and we can’t wait for consumers to taste all the different ways it can be prepared,” he continued. “Products like OmniPork allow anyone who is looking for a more sustainable, healthier alternative to seamlessly make the transition away from traditional meat.” 

Sautéed Shredded OmniPork with Assorted Wild Mushrooms and Black Truffle at the Royal China Club.

Vegan meat substitutes require just a fraction of the environmental resources compared to traditional livestock farming, which accounts for nearly a fifth of GHG emissions globally and takes up nearly 80% of the world’s arable land, driving climate-damaging practices such as deforestation. OmniPork is made from plant proteins such as non-GMO soy, peas, shiitake mushrooms and rice. 

Since its initial 2018 debut in Hong Kong, OmniPork is now available across many Asian markets and most recently entered the US, retailing at Sprouts and Whole Foods after first rolling out via foodservice. The Hong Kong food tech has also expanded its range, tackling seafood next with its new OmniSeafood range that features plant-based tuna, salmon and the first non-breaded vegan fish fillet alternative. 

All images courtesy of OmniFoods.


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