This New Vegan Grocery Subscription Box Curates Unique Plant-Based Finds

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The latest grocery subscription box available in New York isn’t like your typical vegan shopping basket. PlantBelly is filled with some of the most unique plant-based products on the market, from pili nut vegan milk to plant-based mayonnaise made from oats. 

Unlike other subscription boxes, PlantBelly curates special plant-based groceries to help you discover some of the most exciting emerging vegan brands. Just launched in Brooklyn, New York, the platform offers everything from pantry staples to perishables, all in one place, featuring goodies that you might not have otherwise heard of before. 

PlantBelly’s Women Founded Bundle.

Curated vegan subscription box

Many of these brands are young independent companies that have just entered the vegan scene, giving them a spotlight in the increasingly competitive marketplace often dominated by big labels like Beyond and Impossible. PlantBelly says it wants to give these underrepresented producers that uphold the same ethical values as its platform a wider audience. 

“So many of us are looking to include more foods in our diets that check key boxes: better for us but no less delicious, and better for our planet,” shares co-founder Eve David. “We want to inspire people to eat more plants by introducing them to wholesome substitutes.” 

Some of the bundles PlantBelly offers includes BIPOC and Woman-Founded Collections, specially curated for consumers who wish to support minority-owned businesses. Other subscriptions include a Bar Cart Upgrade, as well as a Tasting Box, filled with an assortment of goodies from new-to-market products to small-batch snacks. 

Brands stocked range from PlantCraft, the maker of clean labelled vegan pate, to tofu and soy-based company Hodo Foods, and pili nut yogurt maker Lava. A number of household names will still feature on the platform, such as Gardein, Tofurky, and Eat Just, the company behind the famous mung bean-based vegan egg. 

Source: PlantCraft

Taking the ‘heavy lifting’ off small brands

Smaller brands not only get the chance to reach more customers, they will also benefit from being able to enter direct-to-consumer channels with PlantBelly’s fulfillment capabilities doing all the heavy lifting. Aside from subscription boxes, customers on the platform can order a la carte products, add specific items to their grocery basket then check out, just like any other online grocery service. 

“We’re focused on making it exciting to discover delicious plant-based alternatives to our customers’ favorite foods and helping them stock their kitchens with options that help them eat well,” said David. “We offer plant-based provisions for everyone regardless of motivation or drive and no matter where they are on their plant-based journey.”

Other plant-based direct-to-consumer platforms in the US include Hawaii’s VEDGEco, PlantX, and Vejii. In the UK, the leading vegan online retailer is TheVeganKind, which features some of the world’s most beloved brands, from OmniPork to Moving Mountains.

All images courtesy of PlantBelly, unless otherwise credited.


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