Singapore Manufacturer OsomeFood Says It Has Created The World’s First Plant-Based Hard-Boiled Egg

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Food manufacturer OsomeFood has debuted what it claims to be the world’s first nutrition-focused and plant-based hard-boiled egg, in an effort to provide consumers superfoods without the need of harming animals or compromising on health immunity benefits.

Advocating the use of whole-food plant-based ingredients with quality protein that provide antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory, Singapore-based OsomeFood has unveiled its latest product – hard-boiled eggs designed to boost immunity.

OsomeFood’s product range is made from naturally occurring fungi that undergoes a fermentation process to create mycoprotein that carries the same essential amino acids that are present in meat products, and contain contains a variety of seaweed and algae that are high in antioxidants. Further, the company’s creations use 90% less land and water compared to its traditional counterpart’s production process.

Developed with the advice and guidance of nutritionists for ingredient selection, dieticians for nutrition pairing, herbalists and naturopaths to improve food functionality, the products are offered for purchase by Pan Asia Surgery, a multi-specialty surgery group practice in Singapore at 3 of their clinics marking the first time that natural food products are being offered in medical clinics in the region.

In a press release seen by Green Queen, founder of OsomeFood, Jason Fong, said that it is crucial to add high nutrition values to plant-based products. “We believe in harnessing the power of real food to equip our bodies with the nutrients it needs for us to live our best lives. Natural ingredients are key and are what makes us different from other meat-alternative products. We are not simply vegan, our food is as nutritious as it gets.”

Source: OsomeFood

We believe in harnessing the power of real food to equip our bodies with the nutrients it needs for us to live our best lives. We are not simply vegan, our food is as nutritious as it gets.

Jason Fong, founder of OsomeFood

Medical oncologist at Parkway Cancer Centre, Dr. See Hui Ti, who has made OsomeFood available for her patients to purchase said: “A good diet containing macro and micronutrients is essential in helping the body to fight and more so, builds a good defense. OsomeFood is great because it takes away the hassle and makes it easy to get the nutrition your body needs, naturally. The body absorbs nutrients better when it comes from natural sources, as compared to pills.”

The gluten-free and GMO-free products follow a zero-contamination process that doesn’t include any toxins from heavy metals like mercury and hormones, pesticides and plastics you might usually find in meat products, especially fish. The brand has a strict zero-tolerance policy on their processes and ingredients meaning that an ultrasonic washer is employed to eliminate pesticides, dehydration, and cold pressing to ensure nutrients stay in the products and even high-pressure equipments are used to preserve food nutrition.

Furthermore, OsomeFood supports the U.N. SDG 14 to protect the planet’s marine eco-systems given that 75% of the seafood consumed in Singapore is not caught in a responsible manner, and the company aims to reduce the intake of traditional fish with its seafood alternatives.

Plant-based eggs are having a moment around the world. Especially in Singapore, San Francisco-based food tech Eat Just that made world headlines when it became the first company ever to gain regulatory approval to sell its cultured chicken in the region, recently sold the vegan equivalent of 100 million eggs,i.e its popular product plant-based JUST Egg, proof of the enormous demand of plant-based eggs among consumers.

Another San Francisco-based food tech Clara Foods that ferments animal-free proteins, joined forces with the innovation arm of the brewing company AB InBev, ZX Ventures to “brew” egg proteins without any animals on a massive scale. Warwick-based Moolec Science that creates hybrid plant-based and cell-based alternative proteins, announced its plans to expand into animal-free dairy and egg categories with the help of its molecular farming technology.

OsomeFood products are currently available on its website, at selected specialist clinics and VitaKids outlets across Singapore.

Lead image courtesy of OsomeFood.


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