Singapore Gets a New Vegan Meal Delivery Option, And It’s Insanely Meaty

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Singapore has a new vegan meal delivery option. And it’s serving up the heavy hitters of vegan meat including OMNI and Impossible Foods. 

As demand for healthier, more sustainable options rises across Asia, Insane Meals is now delivering its plant-based meals across Singapore on Monday and Thursdays with options for 1,2, or 4-meal weekly plans. 

“Research says, two in five Singaporeans are flexitarians; their diet is mostly plant-based with meats and animal products in moderation. Concerned about their health, the environment and health risks in meat production, more Singaporeans are adopting plant-based diets. As the transition for avid meat-eaters can be daunting, Insane Meals is designed to make the switch to plant-based diets delicious, crazily convenient and hassle-free,” Constant Tong, Insane Meals founder and CEO, told Green Queen Media via email.

“While we are targeting vegan and vegetarian, we also designed our meals for flexitarians to perhaps switch to full plant-based and for omnitarian to cut down on meat by offering various alternative protein to make the switch easy and enjoyable.”

Healthy and meaty meatless meat

According to Tong, taste, textures, flavors, and ingredients, all play a role in the brand’s “excitingly delicious” and healthier choices. The majority of the meals are gluten-free, and most are also low in carbs. And they’re meaty, too. The company is focused on vegan meat alternatives including the Hong Kong-based vegan pork from OMNI and the U.S.-based vegan meat from Impossible Foods

Singapore Gets a New Vegan Meal Delivery Option, And It's Insanely Meaty

“As more are exploring meat alternatives and plant-based diets, many are still exploring the nutritional aspects of these plant-based alternatives. At Insane Meals, together with the expertise of our partners and our chefs, we ensure that the dishes we create are nutritionally well-balanced. We look at taste, textures, flavours and ingredients to mindfully craft plant-based meals that give you excitingly delicious and healthier choices every day,” said Bonnie Lau, certified Dietician of Insane Meals. 

Meal options include the popular trend of Cheeky Mala Xiang Guo as well as the frequently ordered dish at a cai fan stall, Black Pepper Plawn, Sweet ‘n’ Sour Plork, Sayur Lovely Lodeh, a Malay cuisine-inspired vegetable stew.

Insane Meals also offers a vegan Impossible line up including a bacon burger, plant-based spaghetti and meatballs, chili con care, lasagne, and Impossible beef with Thai Basil Noodle.

A sustainable food system

“Our mission is to make the global food system truly sustainable, which means making our delicious plant-based products just as convenient and accessible as meat from animals. Meal subscriptions are a huge piece of this, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Insane Meals to offer delicious Impossible dishes on their platform. Our goal is to help consumers enjoy delicious and nutritious plant-based food in a convenient, accessible way that is familiar and fits in easily with their lifestyle and habits,” said Laurent Stevenart, Singapore Country Manager of Impossible Foods. 

Collaboration is key for Tong, and Insane Meals is partnering with some of the region’s largest plant-based brands isuch as TiNDLE and KARANA and organizations like abillion and Innovate 360. “These unique partnerships marry Singapore’s superhero brands with the purpose to empower people to live their lives without compromising their health and things that matter to them,” the brand says. “From alternative meat suppliers to spreading the love for food sustainability, Insane Meals aims to delight Singaporeans with meals that can be incorporated into everyday life with no fuss.”

The boxes, ice packs, and insulation can all be returned to Insane Meals for reuse or recycling. For a limited time, Insane Meals is offering a 20 percent off introductory offer on its meal plans with code Launch20. Visit Insane Meals’ website for more information.

All images courtesy of Insane Meals.


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