Swiggy and GoodDot Partnership Will Bring Plant-Based Meat To Millions Of Indian Doorsteps

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Indian delivery giant Swiggy has announced a partnership with plant-based meat manufacturer GoodDot. The two have joined forces to make animal-free foods easier to source. As the largest ordering and delivery platform in India, Swiggy embracing meat-free options represents significant industry growth.

GoodDot will be available via Swiggy’s Instamart, an online essentials ordering platform, deliveries are available within 15-30 minutes of order placement. GoodDot products will be listed in the newly created ‘plant-based meat’ sub-category, under the ‘meat’ heading. GoodDot plant-based meat products can already be found on Swiggy Instamart now. To start, 11 cities have been selected. A further eight are expected to be added soon, including Jaipur and Goa.

Image courtesy of GoodDot.

A dedicated platform

Instamart currently reports making more than 1 million deliveries per week. It projects annual revenue in excess of $1 billion before the end of 2022. GoodDot hopes to leverage the enormous distribution channel to make plant-based meat mainstream. It is not yet known which products will be available to buy. GoodDot produces a variety of soy protein-based alternatives to traditional Indian fare.

The partnership with Swiggy is the latest positive development for the GoodDot team. In 2020 it went global, entering the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and North America. Last year it announced a successful capital injection via a pre-Series A round. The undisclosed sum was earmarked for supporting further U.S. expansion and first footsteps into the European market. Securing a domestic delivery partnership with Swiggy reinforces that the home fires are still burning, despite international interest in products.

image courtesy of GoodDot.

India as a plant-based market driving force

A recent study by Kerry revealed that India is a high-growth location for plant-based nutrition. Poll results demonstrated a generally open mind to plant-based options, plus a willingness to buy them regularly. One-third of the population currently identifies as vegetarian, but the remaining two-thirds eat vegan foods frequently. The study highlighted that 41 percent of people already eat a minimum of six types of plant protein, with a willingness to add more. This includes plant-based meats.

The Kerry study bolsters India’s recent inclusion as an official Vegnuary campaign hub. The news was announced after the country tanked third out of all participating countries in 2021, the biggest event to date. 60,000 individuals pledged to eat meat-free for 31 days and secured India’s position as a Veganuary powerhouse. At the end of 2021, celebrity ambassadors were drafted in to support the message of trying veganism for a month.

Most recently, Indian giant of industry, ITC has announced an intention to enter the plant-based meat sector. A household name throughout the country, it owns a portfolio of brands that are trusted. Now, it is adding meat-free burgers and nuggets to its offerings. The plant-based meat alternatives will be available direct to consumers and through food service partnerships. The Good Food Institute India (GFI India) has participated in an advisory role, providing figures that bolster ITC’s decision to embrace a totally new but high-growth area of business.

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