18 Vegan Watches Making the Time for Sustainability

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Living a vegan lifestyle is getting easier day by day as consumers are getting more environmentally conscious, which further motivates brands and makers to create more eco-friendly products. Watches have been a space without much innovation on the planet-forward side in the past, but all that has changed as a new generation of watchmakers rises up with options for us animal-loving and anti-plastic folk. The global selection is actually pretty impressive nowadays, if you are on the hunt for that perfect timepiece. To help guide your search, we’ve rounded up the 20 best plant-based watches on the market, all made with recyclable and biodegradable materials, and all worthy of being showcased on your cruelty-free wrist.

Souce: Baume 7 Mercier

1. Baume & Mercier Watches

If you are passionate about design, then Baume & Mercier’s 100% vegan watches are for you. Crafted with plant-derived materials and recycled plastic waste, Baume as a watch brand carries the legacy of Swiss heritage and excellence in its designs and you can never find something as elegant as a Baume & Mercier watch on your wrist.

Made in the Netherlands (designed in Geneva) from cork, vegan leather and recycled plastic waste. Shop online – from US$435 – US$2,500.

Source: Fjordson

2. Fjordson Vegan Watches

Approved by The Vegan Society and PETA, Fjordson is an awarded vegan watchmaking company in Belgium. The unisex timepieces from Fjordson have vegan leather straps and these are delivered in recycled packaging. The standard classy looks on the outside and the swiss mechanism inside are likely to make you wish for these vegan watches.  

Made in Switzerland from nylon and synthetic fabric. Shop online from US$233.

Source: TRIWA

3. TRIWA Green Watches

The scandinavian fashion brand TRIWA is making watches to spread peace and eco-friendly initiatives. Designed and developed in Stockholm, these watches are made of recycled illegal firearms metal and the plastic waste from oceans. TRIWA also creates other environment friendly accessories such as sunglasses and bracelets.

Made in Sweden from recycled plastic and metal waste. Shop online – from US$90 – US$299.

Source: Jacques Farel Hayfield

4. Jacques Farel Hayfield Eco-Conscious Watches

Switzerland based eco watch brand Jacques Farel Hayfield creates vegan watches with a classy and minimalist look. Made with walnut wood, recycled steel and vegan fiber, the watches from this Swiss brand are sustainable luxurious products available at an affordable price.

Made in Switzerland from walnut wood, vegan fiber and recycled steel. Shop online – from US$150.

Source: Evig Gron

5. Evig Gron Vegan Watches

Swedish luxury watch brand Evig Gron is dedicated towards animal welfare and climate change. Their watches have a scratch proof crystal and a strap made with portugese cork, they are durable, PETA approved and 100% vegan.

Made in Italy, Sweden, Portugal and Switzerland from cork. Shop online – from US$329.

Source: Kawayan

6. Kawayan Bamboo Watches

The Philippines based Kawayan watches is an innovative eco-sensitive company that creates watches from bamboo. Their watches are not only sustainable but durable and have good looks as well. The unisex timepieces from Kawayan are splash-resistant and comes with an adjustable wooden strap. However, not all their products are completely vegan and leather-free.

Made in the Philippines from bambooand stainless steel. Shop online – from US$43 – US$100.

Source: Votch

7. Votch Cruelty-Free Watches

Creating watches with vegan faux leather, pinatex and other eco-friendly materials, the UK based cruelty-free brand Votch also donates 10% of its profits to animal welfare charities. It offers vegan watches for both men and women.

Made in the UK from pinatex pineapple leather. Shop online – from US$160.

Source: Hurtig Lane

8. Hurtig Lane Vegan Watches

Offering leather-free and PVC free watches, Hurtig Lane is a Spanish fashion accessories brand located in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Apart from creating elegant vegan timepieces, it also deals in eco-friendly beauty face masks, makeup brushes and jewelry items.

Made in Spain from recycled plastic and cotton. Shop online – from US$120.

Source: Ksana

9. Ksana Watches

Available in charming neon colors, Ksana vegan watches from the UK have recyclable silicone straps and stainless steel cases. Ksana itself maintains a recycle facility for its watches and their components, the company also donates 1% of its earnings to planet-friendly initiatives.

Made in the UK from silicon. Shop online – from US$100.

Source: TIVC

10. TIVC Handmade Cruelty-Free Watches

This watch brand from Williamstown, Australia handcrafts captivating vegan timepieces. The watches are available in 40mm and 36mm cases. TIVC offers different kinds of strap textures  and some of their collections are also manufactured in Italy. 

Made in Hong Kong from recycled aluminium and high grade polyurethane derived vegan leather. Shop online – from US$140 to US$179.

Source: Nox-Bridge

11. Nox-Bridge Vegan Watches

If you love limited edition timepieces with a vintage look, then Nox-Bridge from New Zealand is the perfect vegan watch brand for you. Equipped with stainless steel, interchangeable and animal-friendly straps, the water-proof vegan watches from Nox-Bridge are made with Swiss technology inside them. 

Made in Japan from stainless steel and recyclable vegan leather. Shop online – from US$ 209.40.

Source: Olivia Burton

12. Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watch Collection

London-based women’s accessories brand Olivia Burton offers vegan watches with beautiful floral print and vegan material strap. However, not all of the watches and accessories from Olivia Burton are vegan but the timepieces from their limited vegan watch collection are likely to win your heart.

Made in London, UK from vegan leather. Shop online – from US$125.

Source: Fabrik

13. Nordgreen Eco Watches

Designed by Jacob Wagner, the premium quality eco watches from Nordgreen are not completely vegan, but they do offer some 100% animal-friendly vegan leather and stainless steel watches that are waterproof and allow you to spend for a green cause on your every purchase from Nordgreen.

Made in Denmark from cotton and polyester blend. Shop online – from US$250.

Source: Dan & Mez

14. Dan & Mez Sustainable Vegan Watches

With a mission to change the leather industry, Dan & Mez from Austria is creating PETA approved vegan watches for both men and women. The strap of these watches are made from pineapple fibre and leaves. 

Made in Germany from pinatex pineapple leather. Shop online – from US$191.

Source: BOTTA

15. BOTTA Plant Leather Watches

The made-in-Germany watches from BOTTA are available in dazzling designs and bright metallic colors. Leather-free watches from BOTTA have straps made of vegetable tanned leather which is 100% vegan and eco-friendly, but not all their watches are vegan. BOTTA’s timepieces have received numerous awards for their minimalist style and gorgeous appeal.

Made in Germany from vegetable tanned leather and rubber. Shop online – from US$465 – $1,860.

Source: Aubry

16. Aubry Vegan Watches

UK based vegan watch brand Aubry is crealting simplistic and classy vegan watches. These beautiful timepieces have straps made up of polyurethane based vegan leather. Aubry also sells its vegan straps separately.

Made in the UK from polyurethane. Shop online – from US$159.

Source: Solios

17. Solios Solar Watches

The solar powered vegan watches from Solios are one of their kind. Avoiding chemical waste, and animal derived materials in the process of manufacturing their watches, Solios is completely dedicated towards creating sustainable timepieces, the company also claims a life-long battery life of their watches.

The Canadian brand offers vegan watches for both men and women at a reasonable price.

Made in Canada from recyclable silicon. Shop online – from US$258. 

Source: JORD

18. JORD Wooden Watches

It is a completely vegan watch brand based in the US. Apart from using wood for its watches straps, JORD is also experimenting with coffee beans, palms and other tree-derived materials.

The company also sells other accessories such as bags and apple watch bands.

Made in the US from wood, coffee beans and stainless steel. Shop online – from US$159.

Note: In this piece, we have highlighted the vegan friendly strap materials, but hopefully it’s clear that all watches featured are also made from various metals and glass.

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