Vegan Milk Dispensers Are Landing In Stanford, Brown and Spotify’s Offices

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Dispensers for vegan milk are going to be set up across colleges and corporate cafeterias in the US, including at Spotify, Stanford University and Brown University. Launched by New York startup Uproot, the new first-of-its-kind dispensers will allow customers to conveniently purchase different types of plant-based milk, including oat, soy and pea varieties. 

Uproot, a plant-based dairy startup based in New York City, is rolling out its vegan milk dispensers across universities and offices around the country. The company, which first landed on the market in 2019, will offer its plant-based oatmilk, soymilk and chocolate peamilk in one convenient dispenser, where customers can push the lever and fill up their bottles, jars or top off their coffee cups—just like your regular juice or soda dispenser. 

Uproot plantmilk dispenser.

Vegan milk dispensers

According to Uproot, these dispensers are the first-of-its-kind, offering multiple varieties of plant-based milk available in one location. They will be landing in corporate cafeterias from this month, including at Spotify, as well as in universities like Stanford, Brown and Villanova. 

Each dispenser holds three bulk boxes of milk, and can fit on the counter next to standard dairy or juice machines, offering customers an additional convenient choice and making the sustainable option just as accessible. It also means less packaging waste, with customers able to bring their own cups or bottles, and reducing the need to stock large cartons on the part of chefs and cafeteria managers. 

“We are proud to launch this product because it will progress our mission of bringing plant milks to more people and places, and deliver plant milks which are nutritious and sustainably packaged,” said the startup. 

Uproot’s vegan milk cartons are also served across K-12 schools and hospitals.

“The dispenser will replace retail cartons in locations which serve hundreds of pounds of plant-based milk per week. Not only does this reduce packaging waste but it brings plant-based milk into the mainstream. Our milks are now so tasty and accessible that people don’t have to think twice about choosing plant milk over dairy milk.”

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Uproot’s plant-based milk

Co-founded by Kevin Eve, who suffers from a milk allergy, and long-time whole food vegan Jacob Conway, Uproot has been offering plant-based milks since 2019. Committed to making vegan dairy more widely available, the startup’s approach has been to offer its plant-based milk in dispensers in locations where traditional dairy is often served, such as cafés and canteens.

Working with foodservice companies, the brand provides dispensers for its range of non-GMO, gluten-free and 100% vegan milk alternatives. Uproot uses organic oats for its oatmilk, and Fair Trade cocoa powder in its chocolate peamilk. Before launching its new dispensers, the company rolled out dispensers for one type of vegan milk. 

Uproot chocolate peamilk.

It has since also launched cartons for its vegan milk, which are served across K-12 schools, hospitals and universities and available to consumers via Amazon. 

While the entire plant-based industry has experienced significant growth, driven by rising consumer awareness over health, sustainability and animal welfare, plant-based milk is one of the strongest categories in the sector. Last year, vegan milk dominated US retail sales, representing 35% of the overall plant-based food retail market.

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