OmniFoods Unveils Patented Vegan Fat And New Product Lines Including Beef Cuts, Chicken Wings And Pork Cutlets

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Asian alternative meat maker OmniFoods has debuted a new patented technology, dubbed OmniNano™️ Vegan Fat, that will provide the juiciness that consumers expect from animal meat and power a new line of vegan beef, chicken and pork products.

OmniFoods, part of the Green Monday group, was the first plant-based meat company to launch a mince pork meat alternative back in 2018. The company then debuted a plant-based luncheon meat and plant-based pork strips in 2020, followed by a complete line of plant-based seafood including tuna, fish fillet and crab cakes in 2021. Omni also sells dozens of OmniEat products including meal kits, dumplings and other Asian-inspired ready-to-eat dishes.

The food tech, which is headquartered in Hong Kong with a R&D arm in Canada, has launched its award-winning product ranges in over 20 markets globally including in 2,000 Walmart stores in the United States, the United Kingdom, mainland China and various Asian countries

“OmniNano™ Vegan Fat will bring the sensory experience and the taste of OMNI products to the next level,” said OmniFoods founder and CEO David Yeung in a statement. “The new Plant-based Beef Cut that applies Vegan Fat can make a huge difference in juiciness and texture, while we don’t have to worry about the health implications of animal fat and cholesterol.

OmniFoods’s Plant-Based Chicken Wings

The importance of fat in meat

Animal meat is high in saturated fat and cholesterol, two ingredients that consumers are often looking to minimize in their diet.

However, fat is a vital component of meat, helping to make it tender and provide the juiciness and taste that so many people love. OmniNano™ Vegan Fat is a patented technology that helps to lock in flavor as well as improve the taste and texture of plant-based meat products. The technology will be applied to a new line of products that the company is planning to launch in 2023, including Plant-Based Beef Cut and Tips, Plant-Based Chicken Wings and Plant-Based Pork Cutlet.

Asian consumers in particular consume the animal version of these meat cuts in large quantities, and there are very few plant-based alternative options available across the region. “Our goal is to continue to innovate and differentiate with our focus on high consumption meat in Asia and global, namely Pork Cutlet and Chicken Wings, as we see this as a major opportunity because we see the demand of these products are not being fulfilled in the market,” says Yeung.

OmniPork Plant-Based Pork Cutlet

Alternative fats on the rise

Fat is having a moment, with alternative fat startups announcing major raises, product debuts and hybrid cultivated meat announcements. In the same October week, microbial fat startup Nourish shared it has raised a $28.6 million Series A, while cultivated fat maker Hoxton Farms landed a $22 million Series A. Earlier this week, Thrilling Foods patented its fat-streaker vegan bacon and over the summer, Lypid celebrated Taiwan’s largest coffee chain showcasing six menu items featuring the startup’s proprietary vegan PhytoFat.

Lead image courtesy of OmniFoods.


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