January’s Best Health & Wellness Buys

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It’s January so eating clean and pumping ourselves with nourishing superfoods, strengthening proteins and healthy breakfasts is what it’s all about! Below are the health & wellness products we can’t live without this month.

Jack & Sparrow Naturals Barrel Of Greens Super Greens Blend

Don’t have time to wash, rinse and chop tons of spinach and kale every day for your morning super smoothie, then Jack & Sparrow Naturals‘s Barrel of Greens powder is for you! The greens powder is packed with chlorophyll (a building block for the blood) and amino acids (a protein building block) from four different sources: multi-mineral wheatgrass (the super grass contains every mineral on the planet), liver-cleansing chlorella, protein-packed spirulina and immune-boosting barley grass. Did we mention that the Super Greens Blend is made from 100% certified organic from New Zealand family farms that Jack & Sparrow Natural founders know personally? You literally cannot beat this kind of sourcing. Just throw a spoonful into your smoothie every morning for a Popeye-level strength boost.

HKD 229 for 100g bag. Available at various retailers around Hong Kong; you can also order it online at Berrytime


Norbu The Ancient Natural Sweetener

You probably haven’t heard of monkfruit yet but you will soon thanks to Ozzie health brand Norbu. This small round fruit, known as Lo Han Guo in Asia, produces juice that is over 150-200 times sweeter than sugar. It has traditionally been used in the region as a healthier alternative sweetener to white sugar but Monkfruit is now winning the world over as a sugar replacement thanks to its low-to-no calorie content. Further, the sweetener does not cause blood sugar or insulin spikes and has no bitter or chemical aftertaste, like other alternative sweeteners. It can be used in baking, coffee & tea, smoothies, sauces- basically anywhere you would use sugar. The ratio is 2/3 Norbu to 1 serving of sugar.  Unlike synthetic sweeteners, which are filled with artificial ingredients  and preservatives,  Norbu’s tablets and powders are totally natural and come straight from pristine monkfruit orchards- no nasties whatsoever.

HKD 69 for 200 tablets or HKD 72 for 200g canister. Order online at Health Aims or find them at C!tySuper stores. 

She Squats Bars

July 2016 Update: She Squats Bars is no longer in operation

She Squats Bars tOATs AMAZING Protein Bar

There are definitely too many protein bars out there and the majority are seriously processed. Not to mention that they often contain more sugar than protein. Enter She Squats Bar, a brand new healthy food startup founded by two passionate ladies who wanted to offer fitness fiends a tasty and nutritious protein bar made from only the very best stuff! With a slogan that proudly reads “Real food doesn’t have ingredients, real food IS ingredients, ” She Squats Bars are freshly made to order right here in Hong Kong. Our favorite of the three on offer is their tOATS AMAZING bar, packed with medjool dates, gluten-free oats, dried apricots, raw cacao powder, whey protein isolate and unsweetened coconut. It’s so yum and is the ideal post-gym refuel!

HKD 270 per box of 6. Email at shesquatsbars@gmail.com or Facebook message them for orders.

Coconut Yoghurt Cup

Foodcraft Raw Coconut Yogurt Cup With Jam & Granola

This is a fantastic breakfast/snack solution for those on the go. Need to get to the office early? Missed your alarm? Have a pre-work sweat sesh? Grab a cup of Foodcraft‘s coconut yoghurt and you can be sure you will start the day with a bang. The cup, which Americans and Aussies would call a parfait, not to get pernickety (!), has a base of chia seeds (hello, protein) and goji berry (antioxidants galore) jam, a fermented coconut yoghurt middle (full of gut-healing bacteria) and a topping of Foodcradt’s addictive maple syrup and pecan rawnola. Truly a revolution in healthy yoghurt options, the cup is vegan and paleo friendly, dairy-free, soy-free and refined sugar free.

HKD 48 for 125g cup. Order online or find them at Green Common stores. 

Yoga Design Lab

Yoga Design Lab Combo Yoga Mat

We are obsessed with our new Yoga Design Lab combo mat! Don’t know about all of you, but we get pretty sweaty during our asana sessions and spend our time trying not to slip. Thanks to this new Bali-based yoga accessories company (they also do gorgeous yoga towels and water bottles), you no longer have to worry about perspiration problems! Their Combo Yoga Mat, made from biodegradable rubber (so eco!) is an all-in-one solution that features a special microfiber top layer to increase your grip as your body heats up during practice. Forget towels or gripping toe socks, just focus on your practice and let the mat do the rest!

HKD 525 for one mat including carrying strap, various designs available. Order online and use promo code ‘GREENQUEEN’ at checkout for your exclusive 10% discount. 

Images courtesy of Jack & Sparrow, Norbu HK, She Squats Bars Foodcraft and Yoga Design Lab. 



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