Will You Be My (Vegan) Valentine? How To Celebrate The Eco & Cruelty-Free Way

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It’s almost that time of year again: Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re spending it with your partner or having a Galentine’s slumber party with your closest friends, the best thing to do to not kill the mood is to celebrate safety, sustainably and slaughter-free. Wondering how to do that? We’ve put together a list to cover all the basics, from eco-friendly activities to enjoy to cruelty-free lingerie, vegan dinner recipes, plant-based condoms and more. 

Ditch the over-the-top presents for green (romantic) date ideas 

Go on a romantic stroll together (Source: Pixy)

There’s nothing that screams un-romantic more than metallic balloons, excessively packaged presents and a whole ton of plastic waste on Valentine’s Day. And let’s face it, most of us already have enough stuff. Why not choose the more sustainable route and set up an adorable date for two (or more) that is experience-based? If you don’t have any ideas, you’re in luck because we have loads. Just to list a few: bring along your favourite drinks and visit a park to stargaze, go on that hike you’ve always wanted to, or stroll by the seaside. 

Eco gift ideas if you must 

Write a voucher or two (Source: Cooking My Dreams)

If you really want to gift something, you can always upcycle something at home (make a candle from an old glass jar, perhaps?) or go totally zero-waste and curate a romantic playlist on your phone and send it over (modern version of a mixtape). Other things to consider include making your own card using recycled paper at home and penning down a heartfelt message, buying a gift card for a pamper getaway like a spa trip or massage, or making your own “vouchers” for random things, from chores that your better half hates doing to perhaps more X-rated things that’s best left to your imagination. 

Cook up a delicious 100% plant-based dinner 

Make a delicious vegan feast for two (Source: M&S)

Why not put your chef hats on and whip up dinner together? And while you’re at it, make sure it’s totally meat and dairy-free, the number one thing you can do to make your plate ethical and environmental. We’ve put together a list of eight delicious recipes that you can follow if you’re unsure how to go about cooking totally plant-based, and we can guarantee you it’ll be a fun and delicious experience. Start off with creamy pumpkin soup, dive into roasted cauliflower steak and end with the classic (vegan) chocolate coated strawberries. Check all the recipes out here

Vegan safety first!

Go for natural plant-based condoms that are ethical and sustainable (Source: Unsplash)

Safety first: there’s nothing more lame than unsafe sex, and you might be unaware that the average condoms you pick up at your nearest 7-11 isn’t exactly vegan or any good for the planet. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any – there are eco-friendly and vegan alternative brands out there, from Sustain Natural, who makes their condoms from toxin-free natural latex, and Glyde’s premium vegan condoms too. There are a growing number of options out there, and we have a rundown on more of them here

Keep your whole bedroom cruelty-free

There are cruelty-free alternatives for lube, sex toys and more (Source: Good Clean Love)

Other than condoms, you can also choose vegan lubrication, such as 100% vegan and non-toxic brands Sliquid and Good Clean Love, and spice it up with cruelty-free sex toys like the world’s first biodegradable vibrator by Blush Novelties or the Leaf+ Vitality’s silicone-based version. In terms of what to wear to surprise your loved one? Take your pick with brands like Bijoux Indiscrets’ MAZE collection, which features PETA-approved vegan leather accessories that are “100% wild and 0% animal”. 

Lead image courtesy of Not On The High Street.


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