WNWN Launches Cacao and Palm Oil-Free Daim-Style Candy Bars

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From the first company to make chocolate without both cacao and palm oil, WNWN has introduced its second product, called the Waim! Bar—a knock-off of the popular European Mondelez Daim bar.

The new limited-edition candy bars are covered in chocolate that’s cacao-free, made by fermenting plant-based ingredients for a sustainable alternative to chocolate.

“The Waim! bar is our take on an iconic European candy bar, but without the catastrophic impact on people and planet,” WNWN CEO and cofounder Ahrum Pak, said in a statement.

Daim Bars are made with conventional chocolate and palm oil | Courtesy

Pak says the global chocolate habit is contributing to “deforestation, biodiversity loss, soil erosion, CO2 emissions, child slavery, and unfair trade practices.”

The new plant-based bars produce 80 percent fewer CO2 emissions than conventional chocolate. It also helps ensure a chocolate experience without child labor. WNWN says the cacao industry exploits more than one million child laborers in Ivory Coast and Ghana.

To achieve its cacao-free chocolate, WNWN uses British barley, the same ingredient in beer and whiskey, along with carob, a long-time knock-off for chocolate.

Like traditional chocolate, WNWN ferments and roasts its ingredients along with proprietary processes to recreate that flavor, texture, and mouthfeel of conventional chocolate.

Waim bars
Waim bars, courtesy WNWN

By eliminating palm oil, a common ingredient in chocolate, WNWN further reduces its environmental impact as palm oil is a leading cause of deforestation and CO2 emissions. A recent report found palm oil among the top three agricultural commodities driving global deforestation.

Beyond chocolate, WNWN is working to create future-proofed foods that are resilient to climate change, biodiveristy loss, and from “production monopolies that pay unfair wages and foster poor working conditions,” the company says. These include coffee, tea and vanilla, which WNWN says each have “supply chains mired in unethical and unsustainable practices.”

The new bar comes less than a year after WNWN’s launch. The Waim! bar is available on the WNWN website while supplies last.


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