Aleph Farms Launches Cultivated Petit Steak Under Its New ‘Aleph Cuts’ Label

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Israel-based Aleph Farms has launched its first product brand, Aleph Cuts, and its first product under the new label, a cultivated Petit Steak.

As the cultivated meat sector continues its trajectory toward widespread regulatory approval, Israel’s category leader Aleph Farms says it’s ready to debut its first product under its new Aleph Cuts label. The Petit Steak, grown from non-modified cells of a premium Angus cow, is expected to launch in Singapore and Israel later this year pending regulatory approval.

Aleph Cuts

Aleph Farms unveiled the world’s first cultivated thin-cut steak in 2018, followed by the world’s first cultivated ribeye steak in 2021, and cultivated collagen in 2022. The company raised $105 million in 2021 in a Series B funding round.

The company has received top accolades from the World Economic Forum, UNESCO, and the UN Food Systems Summit for its contributions to climate leadership, including a net-zero commitment made in 2020.

Aleph Cuts meat
Aleph Cuts meat | Courtesy

Now, with Aleph Cuts, the company says it will offer a new way of growing quality, low-impact animal products that improve sustainability, food security, and animal welfare in the food system.

“With the launch of Aleph Cuts, we are introducing our product through an epicurean lens to connect people to our incredible ‘new take on steak,’ sharing what this choice means in an engaging and authentic way,” Nicky Quinn, VP of Marketing at Aleph Farms, said in a statement. “Iconic brands aren’t built overnight or by one person or team. We look forward to co-creating our brand over time with consumers so we can best serve their evolving needs.”

Preparing for commercial launch

The company says it is working closely with regulatory agencies worldwide as it prepares for the commercial launch of its first product. Aleph Farms’ technology can grow thousands of tons of cultivated meat from a single fertilized egg, without involving slaughter in production, serving as part of a just and inclusive transition to sustainable and secure food systems.

Aleph Cuts
Aleph Cuts | Courtesy

The company has partnered with brand and experience design agency BOND to develop the branding initiative and establish the Aleph Cuts presence ahead of commercialization. The visual identities for Aleph Farms and Aleph Cuts are designed to support the growing product portfolio.

“We set out to create a brand that reflects the innovative Aleph Farms team we got to know,” said Lindsay Gravette, Creative Director and Partner at BOND. “A system that welcomed everyone to this new way of thinking about what and how we eat. We took inspiration from something universal, the food we eat daily, and the visionary Aleph Farms’ processes and passion. The result is a pair of brands that express the practical and exceptional, bringing cultivated meat and cellular agriculture to the world.”

Last month, Aleph Farms announced the acquisition of a manufacturing facility in Modi’in, Israel, and related assets from biotechnology firm VBL Therapeutics, along with a new manufacturing agreement with ESCO Aster to produce its cultivated meat in Singapore.


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