Cult Ice Cream Brand Coolhaus Debuts Animal-Free Dairy Range Across Hong Kong

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Cult Californian artisan ice cream maker Coolhaus launched its animal-free dairy pints range yesterday in Hong Kong at Wellcome supermarkets after a limited release across 7-Eleven stores in March.

The range features five flavors designed for the Asian market including Hojicha ‘N Boba, Cookies ‘N Creme, Taro ‘N Boba and Molten Chocolate and all of them feature food tech Perfect Day’s animal-free dairy protein.

“From how we interact to how it’s made, why it’s created, and how it gets into our homes, the world of food is shifting and we’re here to lead the charge. We couldn’t be more excited to be expanding to Hong Kong, with planet-friendly pints and mini-cups crafted using Perfect Day animal-free dairy,” said Coolhaus founder Natasha Case in a statement.

The Coolhaus story

Coolhaus, which was founded by Case and Freya Estreller and made its debut in a food truck at the Coachella Valley Music Festival back in 2009, is a celeb favorite. The likes of Reese Witherspoon and Zendaya have professed their love for the creamy dessert. The brand originally began as an art project, with architecture and design-led flavor names in a nod to the founders’ background, and its new-wave, style-led branding and avant-garde flavors garnered both mass and gastronomic acclaim. Today, Coolhaus is available at US retailers nationwide and runs multiple food trucks across the country.

In late 2021, Perfect Day acquired the brand under its consumer products arm The Urgent Company. Last August, the ice cream maker made its animal-free dairy Asia premiere in Singapore, with its pints appearing at retail locations across the Lion City.

Courtesy: Coolhaus

Dairy protein without cows

Perfect Day, which was founded in 2014 by Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi, uses a process called precision fermentation to program micro-organisms to make dairy proteins like whey. The proteins are molecularly identical to the ones found in cow’s milk without the need for animals.

The company was the first in the world to commercialize animal-free dairy technology. In 2021, Perfect Day raised $350 million in a late-stage funding round, bringing its total to over $700 million. Li Ka Shing was an early backer of the startup via his Horizons Venture investment fund.

According to a life cycle assessment undertaken by the food tech company, its process requires 99% less water, 97% fewer greenhouse gas emissions and 60% less non-renewable energy than conventional dairy production.

Where to find Coolhaus in Hong Kong

Coolhaus single-serve cups, which retail at HK$30, are available in three flavors at 630 7-Eleven locations, while the brand’s pints (normally HK$80) can be found at over 300 Wellcome grocery stores in Hong Kong. The pints will be on special at HK$49 from 28 April to 11 May. In the coming weeks, Coolhaus will expand the range with additional ice cream flavors and ice cream sandwiches. The products are free from cholesterol and lactose but are not suitable for people with dairy allergies.

“We are excited to bring Perfect Day’s mission to create a kinder, greener tomorrow by changing the process – not the food – to Hong Kong with Coolhaus – a brand that not only makes delicious ice cream but stands for creativity, diversity and pushing boundaries – putting sustainable change at the forefront of their mission,” said Alex Brittain, Perfect Day’s SVP International in a statement.

Perfect Day's Very Dairy is now available in Singapore
Perfect Day’s Very Dairy is now available in Singapore | Courtesy

This is not Hong Kong’s first animal-free dairy ice cream brand, has been In 2021, Perfect Day partnered with Hong Kong gelato maker Igloo Dessert Bar to launch Ice Age in 2021, the first precision fermentation dairy product to be available for retail sale in Asia. Ice Age is available at select supermarkets across the city.

Under its consumer goods arm, Perfect Day has introduced several product brands featuring its animal-free whey including Modern Kitchen cream cheese and Brave Robot ice cream. In November of last year, it announced the animal-free milk brand Very Dairy, the first of its kind to retail at Asian supermarkets.


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