Aloha’s New Energy Bars Are Made From Climate Resilient And Regenerative Pongamia Bean Oil

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Plant-based protein brand Aloha has launched “The Kona Bar,” a special edition product made from pongamia trees that supports sustainable agriculture in Hawaii.

The new snack bar features responsibly-sourced ingredients, including Kona-grown coffee and Hawaiian-grown macadamia nuts. But the star ingredient may be Ponova oil, a sustainable plant-based oil made from the beans of ultra-regenerative, climate-resilient pongamia trees on Oahu.

Pongamia trees

Pongamia trees are super-trees that have been used historically for reforestation in Asia; they sequester carbon while improving soil health and water quality. The pongamia oil is manufactured by Terviva, a food and agriculture innovation company. The oil is expeller pressed and lightly refined in a process similar to olive oil – ponova oil is a rich source of healthy Omega-9 fatty acids.

The climate-friendly pongamia trees help to convert distressed farmland into sustainable, productive acreage.

Terviva's pongamia trees
Terviva’s pongamia trees | Courtesy

The bars also feature macadamia nuts from Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company and Kona coffee from Greenwell Farms, both from Hawaii’s Big Island. Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company uses environmentally friendly cultivation practices, including operating without fossil fuels. Greenwell Farms is one of Kona’s oldest and most respected coffee farms and a proponent of regenerative agriculture. It owns its entire value chain from growing to roasting and shipping.

Aloha’s sustainability commitments

“The launch of the Kona Bar underscores our commitment to supporting sustainable farming and agricultural practices, with Hawaii as a prime example of what the future of farming and land stewardship should look like,” Brad Charron, CEO of Aloha, said in a statement. “As we grow, we’re committed to finding new and innovative ways to use our business as a force for good. This is a critical step in delivering on our mission to create delicious and nutritious food while making a positive impact on the world.”

The certified B Corp says it’s aiming to become Climate Neutral Certified this year. That will make it the first plant-based protein brand to obtain this certification.

The Big Island of Hawaii Photo by Martin Zangerl on Unsplash

Aloha says ten percent of proceeds from the sales of the Kona Bar will go to support the nonprofit Kupu, which works to support Hawaiian youth through land stewardship and educational programs.

The bars are launching on mission-driven online retailer Thrive Market. “We’re thrilled to partner with Aloha, a brand that aligns with our values and our mission,” said Jeremiah McElwee, chief merchandising officer of Thrive Market. “This collaboration is a testament to the power of like-minded brands working together to create a meaningful and positive impact.”


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