New Green Queen APAC Alternative Protein Industry Report Showcases Explosive Regional Growth

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Green Queen Media has published a new report on the alternative protein industry in Asia-Pacific, marking the platform’s second in-depth assessment to date of the burgeoning sector. Titled APAC Acceleration, the new 244-page report builds on the data from its 2020 Hallbars award-winning paper, identifying key trends and leading innovators in the region’s plant-based, cultivated and fermentation-based alternative protein ecosystem, with a particular focus on the region’s impressive growth. 

Green Queen Media has published a new follow-up report about Asia-Pacific’s alternative protein industry. Published today (September 14), APAC Alternative Protein Industry Report 2021 – APAC Acceleration is a deep dive into the future of food across the region, the world’s fastest-growing market. 

APAC Acceleration

The new report builds on existing research published by Green Queen Media last year, in its first January 2020 edition of the Alternative Protein Industry Report, which won the top prize at the Hallbars Sustainability Reports Awards. APAC Acceleration further records 50 first-hand interviews and additional data over the past year to provide an in-depth overview of the alt-protein industry’s growth, trajectory going forward, and the startups at the forefront of innovation. 

It dives into the novel technologies behind products that have yet to hit the market, including cell-based and fermentation-based proteins, as well as the trends set to shape the sector going forward, and the entire investor, food science, and regulatory ecosystem surrounding the industry, not to mention the exploding plant-based vertical. 

Commenting on the launch of the second edition of the report, Green Queen Media founder and editor-in-chief Sonalie Figueiras said: “We’re really proud of the report. It’s the most in-depth look into the fastest-growing food sector in the fastest-growing region- chronicling the explosive growth we have witnessed over the past 18 months as consumers demand a safer, more sustainable, more planet-forward food system.”

Alt Protein Report 2021 Green Queen Media
Sample Pages from the APAC Alternative Industry Report 2021 – APAC Acceleration

Most comprehensive APAC alt-protein overview 

APAC Acceleration, presented by Singapore’s leading vegan chicken brand TiNDLE and Hong Kong-headquartered food tech accelerator Brinc, chronicles the extraordinary growth that the Asia Pacific region’s alt-protein sector has undergone over the past 18 months. The first edition, which was limited to Asia, listed 25+ startups, with the largest funding round totaling just over $4 million. The 2021 report features a database of over 165+ companies across the plant-based, cell-based, and fermentation pillars, an increase of more than six times. The sophomore edition also highlights Green Monday’s record-breaking $70 million raise and includes a special section on how APAC women founders are pioneering the industry globally.

The geographic reach of the report has been extended to not only include primary and secondary data, interviews and discussions with stakeholders, experts, investors, accelerators, and government officials from across Asia, but Australia and New Zealand as well, covering the entire APAC region. Further, APAC Acceleration showcases regional food industry giants that have joined the alternative protein sector. 

Report author, Nicola Spalding was inspired by the scale and speed of growth: “Every part of the region has seen progress, which is testament to how fast consumer attitudes all over the world are shifting away from animal-based foods and towards a more sustainable future. I can’t wait to see what comes next!”

The report received additional support from numerous leading industry stakeholders and brands, including AAK, Big Idea Ventures, Buhler, Classic Fine Foods, Space F, v2food, Change Foods, KARANA, Vitasoy, Shiok Meats, Green Rebel Foods, Green Monday, Avant Meats, Eat Just, Sophie’s Bionutrients, GoodDot and abillion. In addition, the report features numerous industry experts, with insider insights from the Good Food Institute APAC, Cellular Agriculture Australia, Food Frontier, and ProVeg International among others. 

Alt Protein Report 2021 Green Queen Media
Sample Pages from the APAC Alternative Industry Report 2021 – APAC Acceleration

Covid-19 impact and future trends

Key topics explored in the report include a deep dive into how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the industry, an in-depth look at cellular agriculture startups, an update on regulations and labeling, and the driving factors behind the industry’s skyrocketing growth over the past 18 months. In addition, APAC Acceleration highlights the long-term and short-term triggers attributable to APAC’s ecosystem, with regional names like Green Monday, Next Gen, and v2food making their mark on the global stage. 

Building on the previous report’s trend predictions, which included the rising threat of livestock diseases like African swine fever (ASF) and Singapore as the country to lead the global race towards novel cell-based meats, both of which proved to be true, APAC Acceleration offers fresh insights into the industry’s trajectory going forward and is a must-read for alt protein entrepreneurs. 

The full report, The APAC Alternative Protein Industry Report 2021 – APAC Acceleration, is now available for download

All images courtesy of Green Queen Media.


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