The 5 Best Vegan Burger Chains To Help You Through Your McDonald’s Withdrawal

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If the McDonald’s McPlant didn’t set your heart on fire, and you’re looking to make the switch away from massive chain fast-food and embrace a vegan twist, you have to know about the following vegan burger chains.

Looking for the ultimate vegan cheeseburger? We’ve got you covered. Interested in supporting Black-owned businesses? Come this way. We’ve even got a chain that you can find in the metaverse. 

The world of fast-food burgers got a whole lot more inventive, delicious and independently owned when plant-based eating began gaining mainstream momentum. The following restaurants are some of our ultimate favourites when only a big stack will do.

1. PLNT Burger

What: A 100 percent Kosher, halal and dietary restriction-inclusive burger chain that wants to offer a safe space for all diners. PLNT Burger prides itself on creating a lot of joy through its food and supporting community initiatives. The main ethos is that everybody is welcome and catered for with plant-based burgers and sides.

Specialities: Swirled soft serves and oat milkshakes thick enough to block a straw.

Cheapest burger option: the namesake PLNT burger, coming in at $7.99.

SSP (serious selling point): the genuine community engagement that the chain engages in, wherever it is based (nationwide). Fund and ‘friendraising’ events are regular occurrences.

Locations: Nationwide at Whole Foods Market stores.

2. Slutty Vegan

What: The brainchild of Pinky Cole, designed to bring tasty vegan food into communities not traditionally given easy access to it. Slutty Vegan started as a home kitchen endeavour before growing into a food truck and then physodcal locations. It grew to give more people the opportunity to enjoy the foods they love without the cholesterol of traditional meat and dairy. Is it health food? No. Is it heathier food? Absolutely.

Specialities: Innuendo-laden foods that will make you blush as you salivate. Try ordering a Super Slut without laughing if you don’t believe us. 

Cheapest burger option: Most of the burgers are $15 so you can take your pick. However, if you don’t get a Fussy hussy you will be missing out.

SSP: Cole remains committed to the communities she originally pledged to serve. By supporting a Black Woman-owned company, you’ll progress a lot more than your own desire to secure the best vegan burger in Atlanta. 

Locations: multiple locations in Georgia, plus Alabama and New York.

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3. Plant Power Fast Food

What: A staunch rejector of the current animal-based food system due to the environmental impact of animal agriculture. Plant Power Fast Food couples tasty treats with education, empowering consumers to swap one regular burger a week for a plant-based alternative. 

Specialities: Loaded fries and great sides including vegan chicken tenders and buffalo wings. The breakfast menu is exceptional too though, with more choices than most vegan chains. 

Cheapest burger option: The Classic Burger for $7.95.

SSP: The environmentalism is a refreshing side dish to an already conscious food choice. The chain highlights things with real-world examples, including that one burger a week swap amounting to the same emissions savings as 12 million cars being taken off the road.

Locations: multiple locations across California, one in Las Vegas.

4. Next Level Burger

What: A husband and wife-run chain that puts the environment at the top of the priority list. At the time of launch, Next Level Burger was the first 100 percent plant-based burger restaurant. Matt and Cierra de Gruyter still serve in their restaurants, despite the chain growing.

Specialities: The shakes, hands down. There are so many flavours but the Earth Day Birthday Cake Cookie Dough option had us sold.

Cheapest burger option: the Classic ChzBurger and Crispy Chik’n Burger are both $8.95.

SSP: Fighting climate change is high on the menu here. Next Level Burger makes it clear that every burger, side or shake helps to negate emissions from conventional fast food. All ingredients are organic and non-GMO and fair living wages are paid to every team member. Now that’s delicious.

Locations: a few locations in Oregon and one in Washington.

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5. Moonburger (Not 100% Vegan)

What: A super traditional Americana burger chain, complete with drive-thrus and combo meals, Moonburger uses plant-based Impossible patties in its dishes. The menu is not 100% vegan as they serve dairy cheese and sauces.

Specialities: A very simple and authentic menu that harks back to conventional burger joints. Solid American flavours and a focus on getting the sides right, with “golden, hot and crispy” fries front and centre.

Cheapest burger option: The Classic Burger for $6.79.

SSP: There’s a retro and nostalgic vibe to Moonburger that is irresistible. It’s date night rolled into easy eating and the overall vibe is sheer fun.


  • Amy Buxton

    A long-term committed ethical vegan and formerly Green Queen's resident plant-based reporter, Amy juggles raising a family and maintaining her editorial career, while also campaigning for increased mental health awareness in the professional world. Known for her love of searing honesty, in addition to recipe developing, animal welfare and (often lacklustre) attempts at handicrafts, she’s hands-on and guided by her veganism in all aspects of life. She’s also extremely proud to be raising a next-generation vegan baby.

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