The Top 10 Future Foods I Tasted At Expo West 2024

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Vegan entrepreneur Noah Hyams shares his top 10 future of food finds at Expo West 2024, from mycelium bacon rashers to vegan poached eggs to prebiotic candy bars. 

Last week, Anaheim, California again lit up with New Hope’s Natural Products Expo West- THE tradeshow for all things natural, organic, and healthy. This year’s event drew a whopping 50,000 attendees and showcased thousands of future food and sustainable brands, both familiar and novel. While the plant-based sector is facing some headwinds, Expo featured countless awesome vegan products. Below, I share my top ten picks from my tasting and discovery tour. 

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Steak by OmniFoods

Photo by Noah Hyams

OmniFoods, hailing from Hong Kong, has built a reputation for its innovative plant-based pork offerings, including its renowned ground pork mince. Now, breaking new ground, they present their latest creation: the first-ever vegan steak crafted from Lion’s Mane mushrooms, now available in the US market. The flavor, texture, and smell were unreal. Be sure to try it when you get a chance!

Poached Egg by Yo Egg

Photo by Noah Hyams

Israeli startup Yo Egg creates chicken-free plant-based sunny-side-up and poached eggs. The eggs are made from a blend of soy and chickpea protein and sunflower oil. The yolks are designed to replicate the runny texture of traditional eggs- they are encased within the whites using a film made from alginate. I got to try the just-released poached eggs and I loved it. Ideal for brunch’s classic dish: Eggs Benedict.

Dumplings by Sobo Foods

Photo by Noah Hyams

Californian Sobo Foods makes frozen traditional Asian dumplings with a plant-based twist. At the Expo, Sobo was showing off three meat- and dairy-free varieties: “Pork” & Chive with a Chinese kick, Curry & Potato with a Japanese flair, and Kimchi & Mushroom with a Korean twist. I wasn’t the only fan: co-founder Eric Wu won ‘Best Pitch’ at VEGPRENEUR’s Pitch For The Planet competition, which took place during Expo. 

Stuffed Chicken by TiNDLE Foods

Photo by Noah Hyams

Singapore-based TiNDLE Foods, a leading plant-based chicken startup, unveiled its newest offering: its TiNDLE Stuffed Chicken. Featuring initial options like Chicken Parmigiana, this product boasts a crispy breadcrumb coating on the outer layer, while the interior allows for customization with a variety of seasonings and sauces. The company is dedicated to crafting inventive plant-based foods that excel in taste, quality, and convenience, the company remains steadfast in its commitment. This plant-based stuffed chicken is scheduled to be available for order in Spring 2024! PS- we loved TiNDLE’s new oat-based barista milk too!

Cheese by Umyum

Photo by Noah Hyams

UmYum Foods, a Canadian plant-based food tech company, showcased its cashew-based dairy alternatives including its popular ‘Camembert’ at Expo West, marking its first appearance in the US since the company’s inception in early 2021. The brand specializes in artisan, fermented vegan cheeses crafted using traditional cheesemaking techniques. In addition to its cheese lineup, UmYum offers a variety of complementary cashew-based products including milk chocolate, butter, and puff pastry. 

Nutty Candy Bar by Harken

Photo by Noah Hyams

Harken Sweets, an emerging ‘better-for-you’ candy brand, has unveiled its latest innovation: plant-based renditions of classic candy bars enriched with the nutritional goodness of dates. The Fair Trade-certified treats boast a remarkable 75% reduction in sugar content, 13 grams of prebiotic fiber, and less than 150 calories. The gluten-free and soy-free bars are slated for release in the US market as early as February. Highly recommend!

Coconut Bacon by Madly Hadley

Photo by Noah Hyams

Based out of San Diego, Chef Madly Hadley is dedicated to building a plant-based future, which led her to create a vegan bacon alternative made from nutrient-rich coconut flesh. The company is committed to sourcing only the finest ingredients for its products, which are certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free. The coconut rashers are now available nationwide in the United States at Sprouts Farmers Market stores- a must-try for bacon lovers!

Better Cheddar by Eat UNrestricted

Photo by Noah Hyams

Headquartered in Atlanta, Eat UNrestricted makes clean-label vegan sauces that cater to a wide range of dietary restrictions. Founder Dianna King was raised in a traditional Southern household with a dairy allergy so she is well-versed in the challenges faced by families accommodating dietary restrictions. This led her to launch 100% plant-based Creamy Cheddar Cheese sauce and now everyone can enjoy delicious meals without compromise. 

MyBacon by MyForest Foods

Photo by Noah Hyams

New York-based MyForest Foods recently unveiled its innovative mycelium-based MyBacon, which I got to taste at Expo and I can confirm that it’s awesome. The company just launched the rashers at 57 Whole Foods locations across the US Northeast, allowing them to tap a much wider audience, and they are sure to sizzle, given what I tasted!

Ice Cream Bonbons by Eclipse Foods

Photo by Noah Hyams

Based in Alameda, California, Eclipse Foods is an established name in the plant-based dairy world. The company makes ice cream and other dairy alternatives from a blend of non-GMO plants such as cassava, corn, and potato. I got to try their newest creation, Chef-created Eclipse Bonbons, dairy-free ice cream bites enrobed in a decadent chocolate coating and they did not disappoint. Indulgent and addictive!


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