Beyond Meat Launches Direct-To-Consumer E-Commerce Platform In U.S.

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Beyond Meat has just launched its first direct-to-consumer platform to allow shoppers in the U.S. to order its plant-based meat products online and get it delivered to their doorstep. The El Segundo, California-based food tech says that its e-commerce site will enable “unparalleled access” to a vast range of its products, from newly launched bulk packages to bundles and limited-time offers. 

In addition to special edition offers, bulk packages and mixed product bundles, Beyond Meat’s e-commerce site will also feature trial packs, which the startup will use to gain greater consumer insights and feedback for potentially permanent product additions in the future. The site is currently operating within the U.S. with 2-day carbon-neutral shipping included on all orders via UPS’ program that supports wastewater treatment and landfill gas capture projects

Some of the items available on the website include several combo and variety packs of Beyond Meat burgers, sausages and beef starting from US$54.99 and up, a bulk beef package containing six 1-pound packages of Beyond Beef for US$71.99, a “Go Beyond Trial Pack” containing a selection of the brand’s products for US$49.99, and its new limited-edition Cookout Classic containing two 10-count cartons of the product for US$54.99.

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It will allow us to have direct conversations with our consumers and will be convenient for consumers who don’t live near a supermarket.

Charles Munth, Chief Growth Officer at Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat’s introduction of e-commerce sales represents yet another expansion for the brand in terms of its accessibility to consumers, complementing its already impressive retail presence in over 26,000 outlets across the U.S., including in major chains such as Walmart, Target, Kroger and Safeway

“It will allow us to have direct conversations with our consumers and will be convenient for consumers who don’t live near a supermarket,” explained Charles Muth, chief growth officer at Beyond Meat told The Verge

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It comes after the brand’s main rival, Impossible Foods, launched its direct-to-consumer website earlier in June, with a similar goal to allow customers to order bulk-sized packages for delivery to their doors. For both plant-based startups, entering e-commerce will help meet growing demand for alternative meats, especially as consumer interest in plant-based meat and its associated health, sustainability and safety benefits reaches an all-time high amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

While the trend is noticeable across the world, sales in the sector have jumped dramatically in the U.S. where the meat industry has been hit the hardest with slaughterhouse viral outbreaks, with Nielsen recording a 280% growth in vegan meat sales in March.

Riding the health-conscious wave, Beyond Meat recently commissioned research conducted by Harvard Medicine to allay concerns about the healthfulness of plant-based meats. The study, which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that replacing animal meat with plant-based meat over an 8-week period lowered LDL “bad” cholesterol levels and other heart disease risk factors including TMAO levels. 

Lead image courtesy of Beyond Meat. 


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