Deliveroo Hong Kong Records 160% Increase In Plant-Based Food Orders

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Food delivery giant Deliveroo has reported surging demand for plant-based food in Hong Kong, with vegan and vegetarian orders growing by 160% over a 12-month period in its latest figures. In response, partner restaurants have been ramping up their vegan offerings, with the number of available options increasing triple-digits to reach more than 1,000 and accounting for nearly a fifth of the total share of food establishments listed on the platform. 

Hong Kong residents are eating more vegan and vegetarian food than ever before, with the number of plant-based orders increasing by 160% since March 2020, according to the latest Deliveroo data released on Wednesday (April 7). Plant-based food offerings from partnering restaurants on the platform have also increased by triple-digits over the same period, growing from 309 options to 1,091, representing an impressive 250% rise to make up 18% of the total restaurants on Deliveroo Hong Kong’s platform. 

These figures show the continued growth in popularity of plant-based eating from consumers in the city, with previous data published in November 2020 indicating a 100% increase in the number of vegan orders on Deliveroo Hong Kong. It is also aligned with global trends, with the delivery giant’s domestic market in the U.K. recording 115% year-on-year growth in plant-based orders last year, while other markets including Singapore and Spain recorded double-digits. 

Plant-based Impossible meat dumplings by Deliveroo virtual brand Chillitarian, launched by Chilli Fagara. (Source: Chilli Fagara)

Tracking the trend in Hong Kong, Deliveroo says that it has collected survey data into eating habits among the city’s residents, which showed that nearly half (48%) of its user base would like to see more meals with plant-based meat alternatives

A previous poll on dietary changes conducted by Green Queen Media also revealed similar findings, with nearly two-thirds of respondents who are actively reducing their meat intake looking for more vegan restaurants in the city, and 7 in 10 saying they are regularly purchasing and eating more plant-based meat alternatives. 

The rising demand appears to be driven by the city’s growing mainstream demographic of flexitarians, rather than strict vegan and vegetarians, with another survey conducted in 2020 suggesting that as many as a quarter of the entire Hong Kong population are now actively shifting to plant-forward diets, a trend triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Treehouse’s custom flatbreads was one of the most popular plant-based dishes on Deliveroo Hong Kong. (Source: Treehouse)

The latest data collected on Deliveroo’s app further revealed the most popular vegan and vegetarian orders in Hong Kong over the past year, which included Treehouse’s flatbread, acai bowls from Be-Juiced and SaladStop’s super protein bowl. 

As a result of the surging demand in Hong Kong, Deliveroo says that it is continuing to work with its restaurant partners to increase the available vegan offerings on its service and “expand its green palate for all diet types”. 

In addition to adding more exclusively plant-based restaurants to its platform, such as My Meat Run Buddy, Thai Vegetarian Food and Green Common, Deliveroo Hong Kong says it is taking a virtual brand strategy to dole out vegan options. These include Chilli Fagara’s online-only vegetarian sister brand Chillitarian, Beef & Liberty’s vegetarian concept Leaves & Liberty, and Shanghai Lane’s exclusive Go Green menu. 

Lead image courtesy of SaladStop.


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