From Singapore To Spain: Deliveroo Sees Double Digit Growth In Vegan Orders Globally, Over 100% In Hong Kong & U.K.

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Deliveroo, one of the world’s biggest food delivery platforms, has just revealed its latest statistics that show a massive surge in plant-based food orders. In the last twelve months alone, the platform has seen vegan orders increase by a whopping 100% in Hong Kong, with even higher figures reported in the U.K. as well as a major uptick in the number of plant-based restaurants joining the app globally, testament to the continually growing demand for more sustainable, safer and healthier meals. 

Global food delivery giant Deliveroo has reported its latest growth figures within the vegan category, which showed strong year-on-year growth for the number of plant-based orders and restaurants joining the app, as well as more foodservice outlets now making their menus vegan-friendly.

The company, which operates across 12 markets with more than 80,000 restaurant partners, says that since November last year, there has been a 100% increase in the number of vegan food orders on its platform in Hong Kong, and a whopping 115% in the U.K. market since World Vegan Month last November 2019. 

Within the U.K. alone, Deliveroo now boasts more than 10,000 vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, with Brighton, Bristol, London, Manchester and Edinburgh topping the rankings as the most plant-based cities per capita in the country. Vegan restaurants joining the platform have also increased significantly elsewhere, jumping 35% year-on-year in France

We’ve seen huge growth in demand for plant-based food, and it is our goal as a company to be the go-to platform for healthy and vegan options.

Elena Devis, Commercial Manager & Vegan Category Lead, Deliveroo

While not exceeding the impressive 100% year-on-year growth mark, Singapore and Spain also reported double-digit growth in the volume of vegan orders, surging by 60% and 25% respectively, testament to the unstoppable plant-based trend sweeping the entire globe.

According to the food delivery firm, the Deliveroo app has made “huge improvements in their tagging system” as a direct response to the growing consumer demand for plant-based food, including adding a brand new “Vegan” dietary category for 100% plant-based outlets and “Vegan-Friendly” for those restaurant partners that offer at least one vegan main. 

Commenting on the statistics for the fast-growing segment, Deliveroo’s commercial manager and vegan category lead Elena Devis said: “We’ve seen huge growth in demand for plant-based food, and it is our goal as a company to be the go-to platform for healthy and vegan options.” 

“It’s fantastic to see that Deliveroo customers are embracing the growing choices of vegan dishes available on the platform,” Devis added. 

Green Queen has previously tracked Deliveroo’s vegan order sales growth in Hong Kong earlier this May, which also showed a 100% rise. At the time, a spokesperson for the company’s Hong Kong operations said that as a result of the explosive demand, Deliveroo has made an active effort to boost its vegan option coverage even further, with the city’s plant-based restaurant favourites like Treehouse continually expanding its delivery coverage over the course of this year and launching new virtual brands by partnering with the company’s kitchens. 

According to Statista, revenues for online food delivery market are on track to surpass US$136 billion this year, with an annual growth rate of 7.5%, buttressed by rising demand due to Covid-19 national lockdowns and social distancing measures.

Infographic by Green Queen Media, Data Source: Deliveroo

Consumers, now hungrier than ever for meatless dishes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, are also looking beyond Deliveroo for their meal deliveries. Manchester-based Get Vegan Grub, which offers only 100% plant-based options, has seen its popularity skyrocket over the past months, prompting it to start introducing its services to London in 2021.

Lead image courtesy of Neat Burger / Deliveroo / designed by Green Queen Media.


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