Eatology Meal Plans 2.0: More Healthy And More Delicious, Delivered To Your Doorstep

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With the initial success of French gourmet meal service Eatology‘s late 2015 launch, the team kicks in their sophomore year bigger, badder and better than ever. We had the pleasure of tasting their meal delivery at the beginning and if you recall, we were blown away. From their delicious dietician-approved meals to their eco-friendly packing containers, we were won over. We loved their wide range of meal subscriptions such as low-carb, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan. As of today, Eatology remains the only plant-based meal plan service in town- vegans take note! This year, the devil is in the detail and Eatology wants to show you what they’ve been cooking up. 

Buckwheat Crepe Wild Smoked Salmon

The meals themselves are made from ingredients you would regularly expect to find at a high-end restaurants. Eatology employs great care and thoroughness to gather only the best produce, seafood and meats. “Sourcing partnerships are long, hard work,” explains founding partner Christophe Daures. “We are working with more than 20 different suppliers across Hong Kong, taking the best products from each of them.” With the freshest organic eggs from hill tribe communities in Thailand, organic quinoa harvested from the Peruvian motherland and organic oats & grains brought in from the US, Eatology has made sourcing a key focus over the past year, including upping their organic game. Their protein source has also improved with more wild-caught fish like cod and salmon on the menu (from sustainable sources of course), and Australian grass-fed beef raised without any hormones.

Eatology Banana and Oatmeal Sable

Commonplace knowledge dictates that people will ditch their diet if they become bored or unsatisfied by the food they are eating. With that in mind, Eatology’s in-house dietitians and chefs have developed even more recipes to keep up their gourmet healthy habit philosophy. With over 500 different dishes in their rolodex and countless additional ingredients added to their database, no compromise is made on your taste buds when you choose to eat better. Incredibly, Eatology‘s new and improved service enables clients to enjoy two straight months of different meals!

Eatology Turkey Muffins

“Our philosophy and our number one priority is our customer,” says in-house nutritionist Rachel Yip. “We cater to a lot of different diets so we work in conjunction with a number of dietitians, sports nutritionists, and holistic nutritionists to give our clients the best recommendations possible.” They’ve also added new product lines to their current range of meal subscriptions. In addition to catering to gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-carb clients, Eatology also offers restrictive meal plans with specific macro-nutrient and calories intake goals. 


There are even clients on Ketogenic diets that subscribe to Eatology’s daily meal service. They have been working closely with personal trainers and gyms aficionados too. They are so popular with the fitness crew that they have around 15 personal trainers on their program at any given time. Further, the company has made an effort to make the meal plans available to a larger audience: logistics have also been ramped up, extending deliveries from Hong Kong and Kowloon to Tsing Yi and Tseung Kwan O.

Eatology Chipotle Lime Wild Alaskan Salmon with Veggie Jardiniere

“The idea was to have the best of nutrition science and the best of culinary art,” says Daures of starting the company. “Healthy living made simple and delicious. Our clients get to enjoy what they eat while getting the results they have always wanted.” Indeed, the synergy between Eatology’s nutrition-meets-gastronomy concept has set them apart from other healthy meal delivery plans out there. Combined with their entire line of compostable and biodegradable packaging (they are now proudly plastic-free), Eatology is at the forefront of heart happy and satiated salubrity in Hong Kong.

All images courtesy of Eatology. 

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