India’s Fermbox Bio and Dyadic International Announce a Global Partnership For Sustainable Bio-Alternatives

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Indian-based synthetic biology company Fermbox Bio, known for utilizing microbial precision fermentation for sustainable production of bio-alternatives, is joining forces with global biotechnology company Dyadic International Inc.

The collaboration marks Dyadic’s first venture with an Indian entity for non-pharmaceutical uses on its renowned Dapibus platform. The partnership leverages the product development and process engineering expertise of Fermbox Bio, coupled with Dyadic’s proprietary filamentous fungal-based protein production platform, aiming to design, manufacture, and commercialize ground-breaking, animal-free alternative proteins and biomaterials.

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Dyadic International Inc. and Fermbox Bio are both dedicated to creating sustainable and commercially viable products. Fermbox Bio is known for co-developing, manufacturing, and commercializing biomaterials for global markets, whereas Dyadic International Inc. is at the forefront of creating microbial platforms to meet the global demand for protein bioproduction and alternative proteins.

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“We are very excited to partner with Dyadic to bring our complementary skills to action and use its novel Dapibus platform to create alternative biomaterials that are not only sustainable but also economically viable,” Subramani (suBBu) Ramachandrappa, Ferbox’s founder, said in a statement.

“Our joint expertise across expression systems and execution capabilities from lab to large-scale manufacturing, uniquely positions us for success. We have a long-standing relationship with Dyadic leadership, and we believe that this co-development agreement can potentially accelerate the timelines for both companies to bring new and commercially viable bio-alternates to the market sooner.”

Fermbox Bio, operating in both India and the U.S., is strategically positioned for global collaborations, benefiting from access to Indian scientific talent and manufacturing capacities. This collaboration, along with India’s prowess in gene expression, enzymatic pathway engineering, and low-cost manufacturing, could thrust the alternative protein sector forward, positioning India as a potential global supplier.

“I am excited to announce this fully funded co-development and marketing agreement with Fermbox which is consistent with our business strategy of focusing on near-term commercialization opportunities that can create shareholder value,” said Joe Hazelton, Chief Business Officer of Dyadic.

‘End-market animal-free protein products’

“Fermbox has extensive expertise in bio-alternatives development and microbial precision fermentation which we expect will accelerate our ability to exploit the Dapibus platform and expand Dyadic’s product offerings for non-pharmaceutical alternative proteins applications, such as food, nutrition, wellness, and other bioproducts,” Hazelton said.

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“We anticipate this collaboration will enhance our market penetration into the alternative protein markets, while at the same time continuing to pursue our biopharmaceutical activities which are advancing at a rapid pace. We believe that this collaboration will further leverage our proprietary Dapibus platform toward developing and commercializing multiple end-market animal-free protein products.”

This collaborative model is setting a precedent, according to Nicole Rocque, Senior Innovation Specialist at The Good Food Institute (GFI) India. She says that a co-development partnership of this kind highlights the emerging role India can play in the global SynBio industry. “India has the potential to be a leader in the development of sustainable alternatives that have the potential to feed a growing population while showcasing a model of growth for other emerging markets.,” Rocque said.


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