The Week In Food Tech: Migros Launches Plant-Based Egg, COP26’s Menu Comes Under Fire

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Just a few short years ago, it was unusual to get more than a handful of stories each week about meat analogues, dairy alternatives, and other alt foods. Nowadays, the opposite is true. In fact, there are so many developments in the alt-protein and food tech space we decided to create a weekly column that gathers all the various bits of news out there into one single place for easy reading. 

This week, Switzerland’s Migros launches a plant-based hardboiled egg, Hong Kong Starbucks and OmniFoods team up, and PETA launches a campaign aimed at the COP26 menu.

Switzerland: Migros launches plant-based hardboiled egg

The retail giant has launched a vegan version of the hardboiled egg that will be available in select Migros stores across the country. This is the latest addition to Migros’ V-Love plant-based line of products. The egg is made from soy protein and will be available at stores in Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, and Geneva this month. 

Lead image courtesy of Starbucks/OmniFoods.

Hong Kong: OmniFoods and Starbucks Hong Kong join forces

Starbucks in Hong Kong has collaborated with food tech company OmniFoods. The two will introduce a new dish, the Thai Style New Crab Cake Salad, at Starbucks stores. The item incorporates OmniFoods’ Omni Crab Cake product with lettuce, pumpkin, tomato, and pomelo pulp. 

UK: COP26 menu comes under fire

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) just launched an advertising campaign aimed at leaders attending COP26, the United Nations’ climate conference happening now. “You can’t be a meat-eating environmentalist. Take Personal Responsibility: Go Vegan,” read the bus ads, which will run through November 14. 

Lead image courtesy of Stuff’d.

Singapore: Stuff’d launches campaign for plant-based meat with Impossible

Restaurant chain Stuff’d has launched a campaign across the entire island that will replace beef from cows on its menu with plant-based meat courtesy of Impossible Beef. The campaign will run for three months across all 36 Stuff’d outlets.

Canada: Wholly Veggie partners with Outcast Foods for upcycled snacks

Plant-based food-maker Wholly Veggie just unveiled its latest products, made in partnership with fellow Canadian company Outcast Foods. As the name suggests, Outcast makes food items from upcycled ingredients. In keeping with that, Wholly Veggie’s new plant-based mozzarella and cheddar sticks are made from upcycled cauliflower.

Image courtesy of TBH.

US: ‘Stranger Things’ actor launches vegan Nutella

Noah Schnapp, an actor from the Netflix hit “Stranger Things,” is launching a Nutella-esque spread that’s 100% vegan. The product will launch under 17-year-old Schnapp’s new brand TBH and will be available through the company’s website and at a few Showfields locations in NYC and Miami. 

Singapore: Ayam Brand announces plant-based yumeat product

The processed seafood brand has made its first foray into the plant-based meat sector with a shelf-stable, canned mince meat made from bean paste and mushroom. Ayam Brands plans to export the product to Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Australia, in addition to making it available in Singapore. 

US: Salad chain Chopt teams up with Jessica Seinfeld

Chopt Creative Salad Co. launched its new Spicy Vegan Crunch salad in partnership with cookbook author Jessica Seinfeld this past Monday (which also happened to be World Vegan Day). The new salad is available throughout the month of November and coincides with the release of Seinfeld’s new cookbook, “Vegan At Times.”

Lead image courtesy of Migros.


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