Fortune ‘Change The World’ List: 5 Companies Creating A More Sustainable Future From Green Monday To Natura

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Since 2015, Fortune Magazine has compiled a “Change the World” list of companies around the world who are doing well because they prioritise a mission for the people and the planet. Collaboration in a time of crisis was the ultimate focus of this year’s ranking of 50 companies, and here, we picked out five of the firms that Fortune recognised for their work on building a more sustainable, greener future.

East-West Seed – Rank: #28

Source: East-West Seed

“In the face of climate change and a growing global population, the world’s smallholder farmers—the estimated 2 billion people whose livelihoods depend on farming two hectares or less—are vital to future food security. Thailand-based East-West Seed has served those farmers since 1982, reaching nearly 20 million to date, and according to the Bill and Melinda Gates–backed Access to Seed Index, it serves them best. The company, which has operations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America earns high marks for its local seed breeding efforts and the training it provides its customers. The company has been instrumental in developing a seed sector in Myanmar, where farmers were long underserved because of political strife and international sanctions. Last year, East-West Seed founder Simon Groot was awarded the World Food Prize for his life’s work.”

Green Monday Group – Rank: #32

Green Common Announces Mainland China Launch, Debuts Omnipork On T-Mall
Source: Green Monday

“Green Monday is on a mission to make China’s diet greener. Founded by David Yeung as an advocacy platform for plant-based lifestyles, it has expanded into catering, distribution, and production. In 2018 the group created a meatless pork alternative, OmniPork—a green breakthrough in a nation that consumes over 50% of the world’s pork. OmniPork debuted in mainland China via Alibaba in 2019, and Green Monday has partnered with the likes of Taco Bell and White Castle as well as local restaurants to expand its footprint.”

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Footprint – Rank #38

Source: Footprint

“Footprint has snared some huge clients for its big idea: plant-based food packaging that’s biodegradable, yet durable enough to perform like plastic. Its bowls, trays, straws, six-pack rings, and other packaging are being used or tested by giants like McDonald’s, Tyson Foods, and Molson Coors. The compostable materials can withstand extremes of hot and cold, and Footprint estimates its products have diverted 60 million pounds of plastic from the environment. While it doesn’t report revenue figures, the company says it expects 70% year-over-year sales growth in 2020.”

Ørsted – Rank #42

Source: Ørsted

“Originally created to tap North Sea oil, Ørsted has evolved into the world’s largest offshore wind energy company, responsible for nearly a third of current or under-construction capacity; it brought in $10.8 billion in revenue in 2019. Ørsted has expanded its reach to the U.S., developing wind farms in South Dakota, Virginia, and Nebraska. And it aims to eliminate its own CO2 emissions by 2025.”

Natura – Rank #45

Source: Natura

“B Corp companies formally commit to high levels of social and environmental performance. And Natura, the first public company to get certified as a B Corp, raised its own bar with a “Commitment to Life” in June. The beauty company pledged to bring CO2 emissions to net zero by 2030, to preserve more of the Amazon rain forest—and to install women in 50% of leadership positions by 2023.”

Lead image courtesy of Fortune Magazine.


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